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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Men Vs. Food; Lagu Tema: Get on The Floor by Jennifer Lopez

Yo! I am still in the business! Sorry for the lack of entries lately. Priority shifts made it impossible for me to commit to daily entries. Idling from blogging doesn't mean I forget it altogether. You know, I have this habit of writing in my head every time I have blog-worth activities. So, it's food edition this time around. 

Since I started working, I met new people. Accept it that we are Malaysians, what is our mutual interest? Yes. Food. So, new people get me to know new eating places. 

1. Zest.
Zest is located at Jalan Petanak, next to Pop Wave Karaoke. Everytime I go here, my only choice is Pumpkin Soup! I never tasted other Pumpkin Soup before so, just take it as this is my good first experience with Pumpkin Soup. My friends swear over its grilled chicken and fish and pasta. They are awesome.

2. The Junk
I am sure a lot of Kuchingites know this place already, but I just tried it two weeks ago. The downer would be the price but then again, the portion and taste really worth the price. Very2 nice ambience but not good for phototaking as it is very dark inside. I tried its Prawn+ pumpkin soup + garlic bread. Located next to Ting & Ting Supermarket. Opposite St Mary's school.

3. Sky Cafe
I'd never knew this place exists if not because of Aifa, it is operated by Malaysian Airlines catering. You can find superb danishes, pastries, sandwiches, desserts here with awesome prices. They also have the scarce macaroons and Pavlovas!! You definitely up for your second and more visits! Located at Green Heights Mall, next to Cold Storage Supermarket BDC.

Yes, Purple Lady is here for vacation. She is the prettiest pregnant mommy I have ever seen. Glowing and all. It's true what they say, women are most beautiful when pregnant. We are up for another outing together on Sunday. Will update about that as well.

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