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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Of Staff Dinner 2010 Lagu Tema: I gotta feeling by B.E.P

Amidst our uber busy schedule, it does not restrain us to still continue with our planned Staff Dinner 2010. At least something for us loosen our brains taut. The theme of the night which is White and Blue Jeans goes so well with the venue, by the poolside. Tentative of the night were games, performance, lucky draw, also election for the new staff club committee. As much as I want to go to every detail, I don't think that I have enough hands to capture every single thing that night :( because I was so busy preparing for our performance. (Every department was required to perform) The menu was Barbecue Style but presented in buffet spread, means no grilling was involved, all  prepared  by the hotel. 

For the attire, honestly I was thinking to myself, how further can u be with this theme right? So I plan to wear whatever I have. Plus, it is an outdoor event, not a fine, red carpet dinner. But towards the day, my colleague started raising the alarming question for women: What you wear ah, joms, come with me to find baju.
"-____- Only then I realized; I don't have a decent white top!Luckily I manage to find mine at the very last minute, a tad hours before the dinner :) I work best under pressure! Another +ve angle for how I love to procrastinate! :P


The theme, white and jeans

Pic in the washroom mirror-compulsory

I superlove Pressca's blouse. If I were to sit and discuss with my designer (in my dreams!), I think I would come up with something like this. Frills, ruffles. Love!!
Striking our Olsen's Twin pose. 


Top: Nichii
Inner: Avon
Necklaces: Park Avenue
Jeans: Levi's
Platform: Elle
Watch: Fossil

Face: M.A.C in NW21
Eye: M.A.C in Brune Satin
Blusher: Elianto in Nude Pink
Lips: The Stage in Red Revolution

I won Lucky Draw that night! That was my 4th lucky draw in my entire life. hehe, And our department (academic dept) secured 2nd place for performance. Not bad, as ours was impromptu, no rehearsal and last minute some more! hehe Oh ya, our performance was Miss Universe 2010. And the catch? The GUYS gotta be the contestant. Hilarious it was. Lol.

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