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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Malaysian and Badminton are sooo associated Lagu Tema: When its Over by Sugar Ray

It is currently the exam week, for us lecturers, it is the busiest period on the calendar. Hundreds of answer scripts, horrendous invigilating, management matter and ad-hoc issue really put our endurance on test. We really need to distress. Retail therapy you say? ehem, its the middle of the month, mind you, plus, would you have the mood to shop when you know millions of task are still pending?

We need the cheapest and easiest but nevertheless fun way to distress. window shopping Game! We went for badminton at Arena Sukan, RM10 per hour, cheaper chipped in.  

The shabby lighting in the court
Ok I lied, we did go for window shopping after game to distress, girls will always be girls.
Kuchingites would notice this giant Christmas tree at The Spring where they paste up all the wishes. The wishes are written on a star-shaped golden cardboard, and there are thousands of them. This particular star somehow caught my attention

So cute..very simple to us, yet meaningful to them, To the parents, please fulfill your son/daughter's noble wish :)

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