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Thursday, December 9, 2010

KK Trip Part I; Lagu Tema: I Like It by Enrique Iglesias

Just got back from my Kota Kinabalu vacation. Same old things to look forward to but the peculiar thing about this trip this time around are baby Arif of course and...... Ika's Armando. Yup, I finally get to see both of them. My fiance's 6 months old nephew has really grown huge up!

On the 1st day, I feel obliged to visit my alma matter. Ni mesti, I have the highest sense of belonging to UMS compared to the rest of my academic institution, maybe because not only I got certified an MHCM but I learnt a lot about life. Ok, don't make me start.

 The exact place where I was conferred my MA.

De Javu indeed
Top: Vincci
Watch: Vincci
Pumps: Vincci

Later in the afternoon, I got msg from my FIL inviting me for a lunch to celebrate their anniversary. Hang Li Po restaurant it was. Thumbs up for all the food, they tasted so good that I did not capture any dish, plus, Arif is the main attraction. Main ngan Arif je..Just for the record, we had TomYam, ayam mango, butter prawn, salted egg crab, fried calamari, kailan (i think) and steam fish! 

 Take one

 Take two, oklah, intro sikit: L-R: Ika, Aunty, Me, Akak, Siti, Uncle, Ahmad, Abg Naza
Yang comel kat depan tu??


Mama Arif, my FSIL, yang persis anak dara. Mana orang tau ni ada anak satu ni! hehe

We resumed the day with a stroll at CP and went straight home after that. 

The next day, everyone was working, so I became the lady who lunches.Hehe. Ika asked me to run some errand for her, but before that, I visited B's place to hand over self-made Kek Batik from Kch and spend time with baby Arif :)

 Bulum mandi nii Arif ni...


 Yeay, Arif dah mandi... muahs2

Then I went off to settle Ika's amanah, pastu loitering about KK.

 Soto Ayam @ Sinsuran, Yummeh!

 Later at night, we had dinner at none other than our beloved TLC!
But it was a bummer cos we were overcharged, RM38.60 for sayap ayam and tom yam 2 org makan. How can!?!

Ini ah moi sedang in love, 24 hours berSMS jer, tak lekang dr tangan, there are instances I actually bercerita sorang2 rupa-rupanya! 

Speaking of that, I finally had the chance to meet and spoke to Armando. He is a nice guy and he looks something like this:

Yeah.. I doa yang baik2 jer untuk kamu berdua, ada jodoh kali sebab muka iras2..hehe...

to be continued...

[click] I Like It by Enrique Iglesias

6 chemistry(s):

ween said...

lovely patchwork skirt. u're so pink, sis! i like! :)

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

yeap, am pink since forever.hehe skirt tu mcm selimut.hehe

RS said...

suka sgt skirt tu!

Akak said...

cantiknyaaaaaaa skirt!!! JELES tahap gaban!

aida, awak sangat cantik. awak taknak jadi model majalah? hehehehe

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

RS: skirt tu mmg cantik and murah, tu yg penting

akak:aduh, hhaha. akak, sorry sebab upload pic arif tanpa kebenaran.. he

Akak said...

minta maaf kat arif. dia marah tu kalau letak gambar tak hensem. hehe

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