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Friday, November 13, 2009

Siapa belum tengok 2012, jangan baca.

So, I have watched 2012~ Alone~ The time I reached the counter, there were only 5 more seats left, luckily I am alone, so I can squeeze in anywhere. FYI, half of the theater was occupied by an entourage of Chung Hua primary school kids together with their teacher, so it was a little bit chaos which distracted the early part of the movie!! arghh, anyways, movie tu sgt lah best!

It is about doomsday, which the Mayans have foreseen thousand years ago, to occur on 20.12.2012. In 2009, an astrophysicist from India discovered an explosion from the sun, which is for the 1st time yield a physical reactions. Ok2, I skip the scientific part. Malas nak explain.

So, a geologist from America who happens to be the friend of the Astrophysicist, informs the president of the US. (biasalah US sentiasa hero). Thus, this US president had a private meeting with all nation leaders pertaining this matter. Their plan is to build arcs to save the human civilization! So, in order to build these arcs, perlu investments dari private sectors, orang2 kaya and kerajaan2 dunia. Bahtera2 ni dibina di China, kawasan last yang terkena bencana.. By the way, this is kept hush from the human nation to avoid stir and to prioritize the rich and famous. Genetics experts are on duty to recognize the best genes among animals to be carried on the arcs. As for human, the ticket to be on board is priced at 1billion euro!!! So to be on the arcs, you must be rich, (dapat beli tiket) and intelligent, dpt contribute and berbaloi diselamatkan.

Apa lastnya? tontonlah sendiri. This is interesting, I mean, its beyond our expectation kan, how it happens, when is it and what to expect on the day! Jadi movie ni menyebabkan sugar rush sikit...

10/10 stars. nak tgk lagi!

While waiting for mum to pick me up, I found this, actually I know before hand that it is gonna be held on the 14th! Tapi ada yang dah sampai.hehe

For cats lovers, a good news for you!! You must have looked forward for this!

My favourite! I have always prefer short hair, lagi2 yang gemuk, ranum macam ni! geram!

Muka pun hensem!

Caught in awkward position!

Mr Camera friendly

7 chemistry(s):

IkanStim said...

mcm best!
susah gila maw baca .. xcontrast dgn background la font

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

akak senang je baca, mata dah pink kot, higlight jer, kalu nak baca,

best! mesti tonton!!!

AiFA Cho-CHang said...

waaah, 1st time ada org komen 2012 besh. lak la mok nangga. er, bkn awk spttnya nangga ngan azza kah?

ohhh... so cute la all the cats!

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

sik jd, nya bz, sy sgt2 teruja nak nangga, sikpat dibendung gik! he

liyana lee said...

comelnya pusak2 ya...ada cat show kah??? *jeles mode*

Jihan said...

2012 is the BEST:)! must watch this,kita boleh amik iktibar dan dpt bayangkan bagaimana keadaan dunia ni bila dah kiamat nanti.

Sepanjang tgk 2012, seriously sy byk beristighfar tau..rasa betul2 ada dlm keadaan tu;) hihi. kalo dorang buat dlm 3D,mesti lg gempaQ kan!

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ya jihan! insaf tgk cerita tu...

tp yg bestnya hero sentiasa terselamat.
kalau 3D mesti best gila2!! hehe

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