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Thursday, November 26, 2009

The new Moon ultimate!

Lets get to know them!!

Bella & Jacob Black

Edward Cullen

Jacob Black

The Cullens: L-R: Emmet,Rosaline, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper

The werewolf pack: L-R: Paul, Sam, Jared, Embry




So I have watched New Moon... As expected the house is full. Full of Chinese students whom I supposed HAVE READ the book. Mak is on leave and lil sis is here, perfect company for me to enjoy the movie. I have no idea why am I very well prepared and so looking forward to watching this movie since Twilight, can check out my previous entry. I have read the book, I had the tickets reserved and I did homeworks prior to the movie.

I am satisfied with the movie I wanted to watch it again! It does not deviate much from the book, just some alteration of dialogues here and there. But I expect that before hand. For those who wanted to watch my advice is read the book 1st or go with someone who have read the book, cuz they missed some key parts that need to be accentuated. I.e: The part where Jacob answered Bella's housephone when Edward is on the other side.

That's about the technical parts. As a whole, this is one of not many movies which manipulate guys! The house went bonkers when Jacob took off his shirt...let alone Edward exclusive appearances.(He literally sparkles ok!!!) WHY IS IT ALWAYS IN SLOW MOTION WHEN ITS EDWARD PART??? Such an exploitation! haha. I think Jacob looks good in either form, in his six...err eight packs and in the form of wolf. HUGE WOLF, HUGE CUTE WOLF. Looks more to siberian husky, reminds me of my neigbour's siberian husky in Kingfisher. (ingat ka kau ka, yang harga dia 8ribu tu, yang tuannya bawak joging hari2 tu..ehe)

here are some of my favourite lines:

"Don't make me choose, it will be him, it is always been him" -Bella Swan
(arghh siannya to see Jacob walked away in the form of wolf and after that Bella and Edward made it as if as nothing happen! You sick pale creature! argh!!) At this moment, I could feel lump in my throat, mata dah berkaca2, isk3~

"Are you cold? I'm 108 degree"- Jacob Black

"To enjoy the bouqet but to resist the wine"-Edward Cullen
and of course

"Marry me, bella"- Edward Cullen

Harus lah bertemakan merah hitam sebab nak watch New Moon.... hehe

P/S: Do check out the awesome movie stills here!

3 chemistry(s):

noa said...

huhu..great review from you! me myself can't wait to see new moon but first m gonna fly to KK tiz Sunday, as i promise to watch it wif mr.boyfie! what a promise to be kept, while Edward n Jacob r such a temptation duo =)

Anonymous said...

Siberian Husky di KF tu sangat cantik.


Aida The Pink Goddess said...

noa: waaa means ur boyfie have to endure th 2 hours hehe

kingfisherian: YEs!! u know right!! cantik sgt2, belongs to that indian uncle tu..hehe

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