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Monday, May 11, 2009

berdoalah minta hujan

the hot, scorching, muggy weather is not just harmful fer the physical but also fer the mood. I easily snap lately just because it is literally hot=makes me hot tempered. Yesterday, I got rashes on my precious FACE and red eyes. All are allergic reactions to the heat & dust...sabar je lah....

my advice is: drink lots of water and reduce outdoor activities unless you wanna be burnt!

accroding to the star, the weather will continue to be this hawt until SEPTEMBER..

jap nak copy paste the exact article.

Monday May 11, 2009

Hot, hot, hot till September


KUALA LUMPUR: Temperatures have been rising all over the country, with Klang Valley (Subang) recording 35.6°C last Friday.

Outside the Klang Valley, Pahang (Batu Embun) experienced the hottest temperature last Thursday at 36.2°C.

The Meteorological Department said the hot and generally dry spell was expected to persist until September.

Department chief assistant director (central forecast office) Ahmad Zaki Mohamad Saad said the weather pattern was a usual phenomenon in the country.

He said that April and May were the hottest months according to climatology studies.

“The change of wind direction during the inter-monsoon season last month has caused the weather to be drier,’’ he said.

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