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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ada apa dengan blog?

Now the blogging thing has spreaded very quickly that it's not hard to find people carrying their cams everywhere, food, event, party, concert, school, classes, and of course camwhoring. The existence of DSLR has create another class own its own for the blogging field. Thus, it's not rare if someone snaps every dish that's being served in a restaurant, snapping normal things (but maybe means something significant to them), demanding for his/her pics to be captured in the midst of doing something or worse, evertyhing! From the bed, to the kitchen, to the living room out to the shopping mall, people go crazy about taking pics to be documented in their blogs. Like it or not, our blogs do represent us. Like mine, I know I am annoyingly vain, but that's how I enjoy my life, to date, alhamdulillah, I'm so content that I rarely (or yet?) write hate entries about other people which I could find in some blogs. Bitch, Fuck off, Whore, son of a bitch (mak dia pulak jd mangsa) are slurred words that I try to omit from polluting my blogs. I'm happy (alhamdulillah) that I dun have time to bother about other people's life. And I am one of many yang selalu dpt balasan on the spot,tahap pukul 2.00pm buat jahat, pukul 2.03pm dah dpt balasan, betul ni! (which I'm thankful for because dpt discount dah) , so I try not to sakitkan hati orang lain...

As you can see, blog yang happy2 ni selalu written by content persons mcm yang nak kawen ke, tunang ke,baru bercinta ke, very soothing and sejuk (eh, bukan sama ka tu), siap ada love2,flowers2, cuz they are happy, atau yang kayaraya, byk gila duit, so she can blog about every single thing that she purchases, while those hate entries usually come up during PMSes, fighting with S.O, stress, frustrated, broke (as in xde duit), lonely,result tak bagus, badan naik, or plain jealous. So try not to sink down to their levels. For me, the best way to express your hatred is to ignore!!! If you keep expressing that u hate someone, it shows that u care and sooo giving a damn about him/her and the fact that he/she bothers you, and he/she is so important for u.

Well, I am prepared to be hated, liked, despised, admired, stalked as I choose to put my life into a blog. I admit I am affected lah jugak if I get abbusive comment in my dear shoutbox, come on!!, it crashes the self esteem ok?! And what's the most important, I have parents, cousins, friends, lecturers and even FUTURE EMPLOYER who read this, FGS! *sigh* And I want to be honest by not being in denial like "ada aku kesah?, who cares??, like I care?? Do you seriously think I care? mind your own business, jeles lah tu", because I do care. Look, some people try hard to make other people aware of us, so people could judge us, I have no extent comment on this. So, fer those who are triggered to leave komenbencihateUsomuch, think it over ok? Like Hanis said, people dislike us, cuz we do dislike other people too right? And you know u are going down if you try so hard to please other people, at the end, battling with inner self conflict, sendiri yang displease.

And as for now, dear readers, I am playing nice and playing safe, I pray that I can sustain this, and I hope we could make the world a better place. =)


PEACE people!(^-^)v
up to u guys to decipher this pic! =)

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