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Friday, May 8, 2009

rangga bukan serangga

I have fallen in love with this guy since his debut in AADC. And its always him i turn to at the end of the day, fer me he is the ultimate guy, through the years he never let me down, whatever his appearences look like, One thing I admire about him is he is not vain, and takpernahrasahensewalaupundiahensemgilanakmampus, Sejenis dengan Johnny Depp , Orlando Bloom and Robert Pattison. And he speaks correct english, he posseses a degree!I LOIKE!

my fav!! semua lakiterusjadigaytgkpicnih & yangdahkawenmenyesalkawen!

ngamlah nico, i'd love to pose!

Walaupun ada gap!

dan berbulu dada...

curly hair has never looked any better!

Try this if only u have features like him!

Plaid compliments him

Least favourite, but this is only fer the photoshoot, he doesn't smoke..*wishful*

Side profile berkopiah punnn hensem jugak!

colorless still attractive

outshine whoeverthhtuydthewyr

unless u r him, cubalah try to look good in the chekered pants



even during winter he stil eh?? salah pic..masa upload pics size thumbnail, serius sama saling tk tumpah mcm rangga. *patutlah i suka sgt rangga* (",)

*pics: credit to kecuali pic paling last.hehe

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