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Saturday, October 12, 2013

#Milan #Eurotrip

We resumed our Europe tour to Milan. We reached Milan at 1045 pm and took us almost two hours to the station from the Airport. Just imagine, at that hour, we were denied by cabs and we had to literally drag our luggages to our hotel which fortunately located around 15 minutes walking distance from the station. We considered our Milan trip as a transit 1st because we didn't buy that much, and 2nd we went to the same place for 2 consecutive days: Duomo, because we have no tourist guide here, unlike our previous destinations. 
But, hands down, Milan has the best architecture.And we had our best coffee here. I think for minimum knowledge traveller like me, Duomo alone is sufficient for sightseeing and shopping. The Galleria placed all the renowned boutiques and souvenirs shops.

And we were so lucky we got to witness a Hindustan film shooting at Duomo! I was so excited. hehe Milan is the least cold country among all the 4 that I visited. hehe. But, the people were a tad individualistic and less helpful, maybe we met with the wrong ones. But, indeed Milan is a beautiful place.

I am one dedicated Hijabista, the hotel didn't provide iron for safety reasons, hence, I went and search for laundry service. hahaha 3 euro tuu selai!! hoho!

notice Malaysia flag at the back

Picturesque Duomo

Milan Street

Honestly, the westerns public transport are beyond reliable.


Hindustan movie filming

In front of our hotel

The booth matches my outfit! hee

The best coffee! and the story had it, I left all my shopping bags here, we only realized when we reached hotel and we patah balik here, Alhamdulillah, all my stuffs are still intact! 

Behind Duomo
Effect kibaran begini jarang sekali dapat hehehe

Music ant Art musuem


I pun nak trip posing hijabista.ahaha LOL


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