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Friday, October 11, 2013

My Euro Trip #paris

Hi October, my birthday month and happens to be the month of pink. When I look at my previous post, can't believe we're 5 weeks apart, booooo! read: lousy blogger. 

I just came back from my 12 days europe luggage packers trip, they next day after I touched down, I had to report duty at my new workplace and now I'm on an emotion roller coaster ride. Honestly I am not/never prepared to leave my previous workplace which stored bittersweet memories if you only knew.

Well, since I am very active on instagram, I want to be fair to my first love:my blog. For record (or readers) purpose, I would love to document my trip here. 

My friend and I had planned our itinerary 3 months prior to our trip. She had been a wonderful travel partners by advancing all plane and landmarks' ticket.She even notified all f her friends at each country to receive us. Me; literally a free rider! Thanks Lin!

Honestly I'm a tad Jakun because I have never been beyond Singapore. The thing that worries me most is the weather and hygienic care during the trip. Although I am avid flyer, I loathe long flights, but I tell you, my 12 hours flight was the most comfortable I could ever wished for. We were literally pampered , the 12 hours just passed by. 

We reached Charles De Gaulle airport Paris at wee hour and received by our JPA staff where we stayed. The first place they brought us, is of course the legendary Eiffel Tower. The stayed just nearby. The weather was cold but still bearable for me. :) I admit I had goosebump when I first saw Eiffel. She was so posh and beautiful.

Later in the evening, we took our own way to the famous Champs Elysees. This is where all the brands in the world lie including the famous macaroon producer, Laduree and the mighty Arch de Triumph.We spent the whole evening strolling, doing some shopping but dare not to try any eateries yet. We were soo internet deprived that we ended up at Starbucks so many times. hehe.

Price wise, we get much cheaper branded items here compared to Malaysia and we could find people queuing up at every lavish brand stores.  

I shall continue day 2 in my next post!

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