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Saturday, October 12, 2013

I #Amsterdam

Amsterdam actually came after London but I decide to post about London later because we stayed longer there.
Amsterdam, OMG I'm so in love with this city. My friend checked us in at Best Western hotel, with free shuttle from the airport. Luck followed us good time during the whole trip because when we were on the way to the central, we bumped into Malaysians, a PHD student also bringing her friend around in Amsterdam. We lower our shield and asked her favor wether we can join them. She agreed! Yeay! 

That was how we reached the beautiful Koog Zandijk, where the trademarks of Holland can be found, windmill, tulips and cheese.We went to Zan Chans, the place where they made clogs and cheese. We were not in the time to see tulips blooming, because they bloom around April.

Later, they brought us to Volendam, the cheap place to buy souvenirs. along the way, we can see the greenest field and the cutest sheeps! if I were to travel again, Holland tops my list!

Remember about our over excess luggage in London? We had it posted here in Amsterdam, they provided international postage service, which is so reliable, they already had it arrived in KK after 7 days.

Day 2, we were in dire to look for the famous I AMSTERDAM. They have a mini in Schipols Airport but tak valid la, mesti pegi yang museum punya. So we took tram and we found it!

Our hotel

Apple pancake

Koog Zandijk

Volendam, we did this for 18 euros

kucing belanda

Mcdonalds's machine

Indonesia restaurant

Russian souvenir shop yang sesat. hehe

Madame Tussauds

 Dam Square


I amsterdam at the museum

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