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Monday, March 25, 2013

Respecting Guest. Hospitality

If one living skills that parents should teach their children: it is HOSPITALITY. Hospitality here I mean by how to treat guests. We learn a lot from our parents. For us, they are the best host. Seriously, by hospitality, it truly defines who you are! 

With great hospitality it actually credit the whole family of yours. When you receive guests, you want them to be at the Kingest position. Feed them before they ask and until they can't ask for more. DO NOT be reluctant of whatever they need, actually be prepared especially when they tell you before hand that they are coming. Not being punctual is a NO NO! When your fetch your guests late, you are actually telling them they are not looked forward and they are simply not important. Offer them whatever they need and not. Make available what is not for them. Make them feel as welcomed as you can.

I have ever been in both situation, as a host and as a guest. And yes, I have met with horrible hosts.

I honestly believe this starts from home. We emulate what our parents did/do. Hospitality can be nurtured. Because not respecting your guests is one of the most despicable deeds.

The Messenger of Allah further guides us by saying:
"Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should be hospitable with his or her guests.
Our great Prophet [s] teaches us to be generous and how to entertain guests. He wants a Muslim to show gratitude and be kind and happy when receiving guests. One should respect and welcome his guests, in particular when they are strangers, or have no family or friends in that country.

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