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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Offering money to children

When you were small, have you ever had this excited feelings of going back to your home town because you know you will collect money from your aunties, adult cousins, especially the working ones? And how you make effort to at least bring something for them. Kuih ke, ikan kering ke?

Now I have become an adult, I practice that. Offering money (be it in any amount) is common in our family. If we have gathering we will prepare money in packets for the children. It needs not to be told but it's automatic. I think this is the simplest gesture that you can do to treat your guest. 

The same goes when we receive guests, we will offer to their children and like it or not, can't help it but;  WE EXPECT THE SAME. 

How's this practice in your family/society? Please share.

1 chemistry(s):

iffah imani said...

my husband and i are also doing the same...

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