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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Something You Would Want to Know- Farid Sports House

Do you find hard time shopping online, because you don't know whether the shop is still valid, the reliability of the stuffs sold are questionable and the classic risk, will the stuff purchased will be at the best quality?

I have the solution for all those poisonous doubts. I am a very fussy online shopper myself. So, this is reliable. hee..

Presenting Farid's Sports House, a newly opened shop offering  Original, Replica, Triple A, from jerseys to sports shoes, you can feast yourself .

Individually packed in high quality packaging

Premium Quality Replica at special price. Stocks are very up-to-date from the latest collection based on surveys from customers 

Among the original collections

For early birds, every of your purchase comes together with this exclusive badge you won't get anywhere else!

Talking about 5 purchase at 1 price!

Well, another speciality about Farid's Sports House, they offer both online and premise service. For those who stay in Kota Kinabalu and nearby locations, you can visit the premise at:

Tadika ABIM Pasir Putih, Putatan

or you can settle for the easy method, just click 

Trust me, this will never let you down, pre and post purchase service quality guaranteed! 
5 purchase at 1  price!

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