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Friday, August 13, 2010

To be continued Lagu Tema: Lucky by Britney Spears

11 August 2010

It was the 1st day of Ramadhon.....

1000hrs: Went to Pasar Filipin to replenish my brooch collection. Mak always complain about her constantly  missing brooches, " Mesti ada orang makey tok" kata Mak, and since I am the only one staying with her, I get the message. Hence, the purchase. 10 bijik RM25, murah kan...

1100hrs: Accompanied Iffah to Ket Fah Optics to replace her glasses. The salesperson is very2 kind, I recommend all the speckers out there to go to this shop. It's at Segama, opposite Milimewa. 1st class treatment. After several try-ons, Iffah finally stored the choice, its a pair of pink-framed beauty. It's so pretty I wish I wear glasses :)

Aida is to menyemak.hehe

Her choice

Specky siblings

Jubah sempena Ramadhon.hehee

We had nothing better to do, so we took each other's pic.he

1300hrs: Visited Arif at KF for the last time before I flew back to Kch, kissed Arif banyak2.. best nya bau baby...(pelik sik, sik ngambik pic Arif??) Went home and had a good rest.

1515hrs: Went to Bazaar Ramadhon Lok Kawi. (Similar to Kem Penrissen in Kch). At this time I realised that I left my cellphone charger behind.@#$%

1605hrs: Checked in, they said the counter was already closed, but they still "accepted" me. Hello!!, my flight was at 1655, so I was not late by any instances. Whatever la Airasia. Waited at the foyer before boarding at 1615hrs. 
This is taken before the IC incident

1625hrs: It's boarding time. I failed to find my I.C. Where on Earth could it be, B checked with the check-in personnel, they denied that they forgot to pass me my I.C.. I must dropped it somewhere. Approached a security personnel, he advised that we lodge a police report. But the police at the airport told us lost of IC report need to be done at Balai Polis Tanjung Aru. Crap, I only have 20 minutes prior FLYING.

1630hrs: I decided to use my driving license, the Immigration at the scan-belt seemed to be Ok with me presenting my driving license. At the counter, another different story, I was reluctantly released by the Immigration Officer with a threatening message : " We can release you here, but you will face a serious problem in Kuching" I was ok with that as long as I reach Kuching. Hey, in Kuching I can always ask my Mom to bring my birth cert to verify I am a Malaysian, rather than being detained in KK and burnt my ticket. No No No.

1700hrs: Boarding. YES, the flight was delayed. Queuing took aproximately 15 minutes and waiting for the passengers to settle down in the cabin cost another 15 minutes. Only took-off at 1730hrs~

1820hrs: Safely landed in Kch. We only took off at 1730hrs and arrived at 1820hrs, u do the maths. Where else the estimated hours of journey is 1 hour and 20 minutes. Pantas kan? Well...AirAsia bah tu..

1830hrs: Passed the Kch immigration with NO PROBLEM AT ALL. All they asked me to do is to make police report a.s.a.p. Chey, The KK personnels were so dramatic, bikin takut saja...

1850hrs: Mak picked me up, breaking fast in the car. Told Mak I lost my IC. "How many time already you lost your IC.?? It is expensive to replace a new one if you already lost it to many times." Mak said. But deep in my heart, it's a good thing also, so I can replace my gambar zaman Narnia. Look at the bright side bah..

2100hrs: An Airasia crew from KK called, they informed me that they have found my IC and asked me to verify it. Oh ya, previously, B left our hp numbers to the AirAsia personnels just in case they find my IC. cuz we strongly believe they haven't returned my IC at the check-in counter.  

*update: B dah amik IC and now wait for him to mail it to me..

Thats all about my trip to KK. It is interesting to have my 1st day of Ramadhon with my beloved people at 2 different places, saya 'adil bah.hehe

8 chemistry(s):

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

ok, lucu air asia KK! suka nak nakut urg..

haaaaaa, betol2, that's y mun ilang ic best, boley tukar gambar.. hehehe

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

aok eh, saya dah pasrah dah time ya aih.. tp yang penting bg saya is to reach kch, apa2 hal at least sy udah di kch, rasa refugee jak masuk negeri org without ID

BibiEr Karim said...

Ket Fah Optical the best since dolu2. Mmg staff sna peramah & efficient. Harus stick ngan kedai tu.

Nadhirah said...

samada dengan air asia atau mas, aida mmg akan wujudkan 'sesuatu' dengan keduanya. hahaha.. cerita ni membuktikan bahawa aida MEMANG AIDA.

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

Baik mas,airasia, mydin ke Aida mmg x lari dr dugaan hidup, things are nvr easy 4me

LeEz EnTerPrlSe said...

hahaa...tahap k0mpiden yg tinggi na juak cdak ya ehhzz..tetak saya baca,..haha

nurul khairunie said...

i know that place! hehe.. my mom selalu pergi buat specs di sana.

mizzNeeja said...

sis aida:: saya pon biasa buat and tukar cemin mata di ket fah..memang best kat situ..ngee~~

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