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Life has taught me a lot about never to put hope on anything but ALLAH. Because when it turns out otherwise, the pain is unbearable. What crashed my past can never crash my present. Please do not use my photos without my permission. AidaThePinkGoddess™ © 2010 all rights reserved

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Know What I did Last Trip Lagu Tema: What you waiting for by Mizz Nina

6 August 2010

2359hrs: I arrived in KK at 1130, B and his lil brother, Amat picked me up, they just came back from watching SALT. When we reached home, everyone had already slept, I quickly settled down and went straightaway to bed.

7 August 2010

B had arranged a badminton match for us at the nearby hall taking place at 8-10pm, so we decided to spend the day time indoor. We just went out to buy some groceries and play with Baby Arif!! (antara punca malas keluar cuz baby Arif ada di rumah!~~)

2000hrs: Played badminton with the whole pack minus Kakak and Mak. This time around I sweat a lot. And points were counted, so real game la kiranya.. 

2230hrs: Went home, everyone collapsed.

8 August 2010

B had an invitation to a kenduri, so B is kind enough to release me to spend time with my BFF Rostika, it turned out that Yukhta (Ika's housemate) had to see her friend, so we couldn't go anywhere. We just stayed home, and Ika cooked me the best Ha Liao Noodles! Ada udang kering and bawang. She modified the instant fried mee into a 1st class meal. Thanks Ika. 

1600hrs: Called Babah to borrow the car. Babah came and we went off to City Mall. That time I learnt that Pappa Rich is opened in KK! Planned to give it a try.

2000hrs: B picked me up at Ika's place, we went to have dinner with Abah. If I should stay a lil longer, I could have tasted Ika's Nasi Lemak sambal udang. wuiyoo..

*after 2 days in KK, I suffered a severe indigestion and bloating. Stress2!

9 August 2010

0830hrs: B had a CT Scan and Ultrasound appointment at Queen E. All the procedures were smoothly executed. Babah did the CT. The Ultrasound result turned out to be normal, and CT showed a slight, non-serious prolapsed at his spine. 

1140hrs: Went to Pappa Rich for brunch, nice place, nice food. B ordered Penang Char Kuey Teow and Vegetable Pao for me. The pao is so fluffy am gonna die! Hahahaha... The Milo Dinosaur was phenomenal too! But the downer would be the price. Quite pricey..

Look at the scrumptious udang..


1300hrs: We went to OBorneo cuz B wanted to fix his glasses and replace his watch battery at OBorneo. Visited Arif and Kakak at Kingfisher cum Zohor. After that, we went to every shopping mall in KK if possible, but we were just not in the mood to shop, so, basically nothing pleased our eyes and heart.hehe

1825hrs: Stopped by at Masjid Negeri for Maghrib and later the whole family including Kakak and Abang Naza had dinner at the famous TLC-Tanjung Lipat Corner. Amat could not join as he was busy entertaining delegates from all around the world for some Petronas event. 

10 August 2010

It is Puasa Eve..

1000hrs: Met Babah at Queen E to take B's CT result.

1100hrs: B had to go to Bundusan to pay his fee,then we fulfilled my craving for Salmon at The Upperstar. But I think I should have ordered B's grilled chicken. Sedap. And we had a cheese cake as well. Pun Sedap! After that we went straight home. Penatttt..

Petak lagi...

Yummy cheese cake, rasa Ice Cream, it reads UpperStar

I love this pic, I took it! hehe SLR-ish hehe

My grilled salmon.. The carbonara gravy is too filling


1730hrs: After resting for the whole afternoon, we planned to go to Tanjung Aru beach together with Mak and Iffah, nice weather accompanied us. Steamed Corns and peanuts were mandatory. We even had durians!

Gadis2 manis. coklat color scheme, sejuk mata memandang..hehe

Tiba2 ada si teruna..

Ni dia teruna pakai baju Pink

It started to rain.. tudung da basah.. If you thought they were stains, you are wrong. hehe

2000hrs: 1st Ramadhan was officially announced to commence on the next day. B, his lil bro and his parents went to the mosque for terawikh, I just stayed home with his sisters.

2200hrs: We had tadarrus. Alhamdulillah, we completed one juzuk. The halaqah consists of Mak, Abah, B, Amat and me. Siti joined us for a while and Mak released her for SPM revising. Iffah cuti.

0430hrs: We had sahur, a loud and full of spirit one. I just ate bread with peanut butter and delicious cheese from Egypt; and tea. Awal pagi, nafsu makan mmg down..

To be continued.....

11 chemistry(s):

Anonymous said...

keluarga bahagia... molek skit dress u camni.. i like

Ernie Khairina said...

brown nice!

abu ubaidah said...

tq ano for ur sincere tots,

babe kami klu sahur berselera smua,makan sakan hehe

correction-masjid bandaraya bukan negeri heheh

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

thankss ano and ernie..

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

B: yup! masjid bandaraya, i perasan, malas nak tukar.he

kalau b nak tau, tu la sahur terbyk i, dua keping roti and a cheese.. pecah rekod, selalunya milo jer

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

this post sgt kejam sbb all the food look very2 tempting and mouth watering!... omg, i'm fasting! kejam kejam!

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

hehe eppa, makin tinggi pahal puasa awak.. eheh

ViVaDeTiNi said...

hi aida..i think i saw u last week..i thought its just pelanduk dua serupa..but it was U that time u met ur fren in front of suria it rite??

abu ubaidah said...

@ViVaDeTiNi-ya its aida the pinkgoddess beli kueh makmur hehe

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ViVaDeTiNi: hi, yup, that was me,next time, do say hi :)

ViVaDeTiNi said...

ok aida..:).i saw u with ur abu ubaidah..hehe.

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