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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Skin Lagu Tema: Sunshine by Ne-Yo

I finally embrace the fact, beautiful skin does not necessarily have to be fair. Therefore, I am done whitening. (although I'm still the darkest among my siblings, and my fiance is waaaaay fairer wayferer?? than I am). Quoting Maya Karin: "Beauty comes from beautiful skin" and I couldn't agree more. My own definition of beautiful skin is even toned, moist, no large pores and subtle skin. Regardless dark, fair or pale, pink based or yellow based, Whatever. Just look at Rihanna, Beyonce, and our dearest Mizz Nina, flaunting gorgeous in their own bronzed wrap.

I have dry skin problem, therefore, this time around (after I decide to forget whitening) I accentuate more on moisturizing my skin. Healthy skin is always moisturized, hence radiant. Remember radiant does not equal to fair. Radiant simply means flawless! 

Ni baru mukadimah, pasni cerita sebenar... he

Weeks ago, during my trip to KK, prior entering the departure hall, I killed the time at the perfume shop. But the perfumes, I was enticed by this Biotherm Skincare instead. Maybe because it's PINK, my eyes are all targeted to that area, hence my discovery.

Before you go "she-bought-it-because-its-PINK" let me defend my self. Oh, unfortunately, you are half-true, but it was destined that Pink Color is the color for the "Dry Skin" range! what a beautiful serendipity! ngehngeh... So that is my strongest point. Plus it comes in adorable baby pink polkadot pouch-it would be a sin if I let go.
All of them do wonders to my skin, although only 2 weeks of usage. I am fully satisfied with the result, as I am not worried over fair, dark, pale anymore, as what matters me now is healthy, non-gravel skin. And even toned too!

I hope one day I can afford to commit to the ultimatum of skin care like SKII or La MEr. That will be the time I can ditch make ups altogether! Amiin..

This range comes in with 3 products, Hydra mineral soft cleansing mousse, (I superlove this cleanser!) hydra mineral lotion softening water, and Aquasource non-stop, Oligo-thermal cream intense Moisturization for Dry Skin.

8 chemistry(s):

ztie said...

HAI.. i was wondering. ktk ada makan d spring ria ka ? lupak mek.. two days ago? or.. erm.. yang pasti mcm ktk jak mek tga.. but not using pink. :D

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

marek ada kot, ngan mak mek..lunch nak?

ztie said...

AOK.. time lunch hour. ktk duduk rah meja kat tmpt ada jual aek yg ada pearl ya eh.. ktk nak? hehe kurang pasti mek ktk ngn sapa.. sik perasan juakmek

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

kmk lah ya ngan mak mek..

Ernie Khairina said...

Aida, when I was in Uni time I bought Clinique full range because its pink! haha then tried SKII pula..but do you know how the serum smell like? yuck.. I guess kulitku ini sesuai brand biasa2 aje la - Loreal. Hey, Loreal pun pink =)

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ernie! i da cuba loreal tp tak mampu nak menten.hehehe,
tu la pasal beli sebab pink.. SKII belum pernah cuba lagi.hoho

akmabolhan said...

masa kat UK i was aiming for healthy skin, sbb whitening product nak sik dijual kat sinun. now dah kat Malaysia i am aiming for fair skin gik, mun dapat lah hehe

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

u are fair enough already and got nice skin too, my skin dry and drier cuz i stay in aircond half of the day!

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