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Monday, February 15, 2010

Sibu RoadTrip

Pardon me for my long hiatus, therefore I would like to compensate it with this entry. Mom decided to go for a roadtrip to Sibu to occupy the stretched holiday. It was an impromptu trip actually, kena kejut pagi2 terus ckp pegi Sibu. The only thing I managed to grab are the accessories for my dental care. This braces begins to take its toll on me. Seriously. We departed at 8 but Mak being Mak, a lot of pitstops for cerodey, bahulu, ikan terubuk masin,etc.etc. The real journey only took place at 930. Babah navigated the first hour and I took over all the way from Serian to Sibu. The supposedly 6hours journey had been delayed by an accident in Sri Aman, where a proton collided with a van. Both remuk habis. Taking it for a lesson, I drove slowly and steadily. The heavy pour also impeded the journey. 

Initially the reason to go to Sibu is to visit nenek's grave. Since it is CNY, the Hong Kong of Malaysia town paralyzed. We got not much things to do. Duduk rumah, and play with these fellows.

 The latest product. No name given yet.  XD

Ello, my name is peanut butter! (My cousin has kindly offered us this, but it's a she, so, mom is not very keen)

Shiloh the leading actress

 Shiloh is the lady of the house.. The others are her kittens.

  The cat lover gene flows in our blood. Go to any of our clans' place and you'll get to find these creatures. :D

Oh ya, mek org berambeh makan kat umah ninek juak, wa masak. Yummy! @biena, @elyn. Leading actress: Sayur keladi.

P/S: I get to watch Piercy Jackson On Vday/CNY and I SUPER LOVE THE MOVIE. Entry about it later
P/S/S: I burnt my fav pink tudung while in Sibu. :(

7 chemistry(s):

AzuwaBolhan said...

why you look so sweet with braces? its unfair.

kacak pusak yaaa!! kenak sik maok pusak she, sidak lebih manjak dan mengada2!!

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

hahha, nang ada iwa... mak sy takut nya dirogol oleh pusak2 kurap.haaha

nurul khairunie said...

i love anything relates to greek god, goddess and myths. and percy jackson is definitely a brilliant movie. watched it too and i don't mind watching it again. hehe.

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

yep, i love it because of the goddess thingy and i ve blogged abt it in draft!

Biena said...

ya rabi glamer abis dirik jarah kubor... hahahaa...

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ya kira glemer ka? belum gik glemer mena2..haha setakat tudong ekin rm10 ngan loar getah, glemer? haha

PurPLe LaDy said...

aih.. shiloh ya dah besar.. dolok awk pernah polah entry pasal shiloh, if im not mistaken in ur fs's blog. nak? besarr eh nya.

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