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Monday, March 30, 2009

Kris Dayanti depan mata

Everytime we passed the gigantic billboard with Kris dayanti's face on it opposite UMS, me and ika wished that we could attend the Malam Amal Anggun. But the tickets price are so pocket burning that we just left that as a wild imagination...

But, the lucky charm decided to pay attention to us! We could watch Kris, at one of the best tables.......FOR FREE!! how's that? I swear, we didn't look for it, instead, it came to us! An RM10K per table is really something I never tought of, well, at least, fer the time being. Future nanti, toksah cerita lah.hehe..And I am not ashame of admitting that I am a Jakun fer all these.I mean, watching Kris Dayanti right before my eyes.hehe..not the dinner thing.eheh

ANyways, we got the tickets from our classmate, who works In DBKK, a co host for the night. Actually it was a charity event, where auction took place, where companies spent the best of their companies' money, bought expensives tables, widened their networking and showing off by placing high bid without being anonymous.

Although we wish we were in the position, where their husbands fought the bid just to get it as gifts to their wives, obviously, thats not what me & Ika were there for. We attended first, because it's free! and 2nd because of Kris!
The night was so beautiful, although again the menu is Chinese...After the walking mannequin (models) had successfully killed my appetite, the night was ended with the songstress Kris Dayanti. She sang 5 numbers if I am not mistaken, my favourite:

Pilihlah aku jadi pacarmu! yang pasti setia menemanimu, jangan kau salah pilih yang lain, yang lain belum tentu setia...Jadi pilihlah aku! hehe

Behind the scenes...dun blame us, we are pre-warned not to under dress!

Clutch? checked

Shoes? Checked!

The sweet and mystery

A dedication to someone special.hehe

When east meets west!

Matching stilletos

We are ready

Grand entrance

Another entrance

Ika looking so gorgeous!

Me caught in the act fixing the gloss

Pout baby pout.

Look, there's Kris.hehe

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