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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Gisele bundchen? anyone?

As promised to one of the readers, I would like to share some of my weightloss tips. This is the real thing that I exercise religously. My tips are not tied to any available diet program out there. Its just a mix and match.

1. Restrict your food. Like it or not, weight loss has to begin with this, the less you eat, the less calories you'll earn, so your readily activities can burn more energy. So begin with this. No need to take a mammoth step, try with little step first. If you usually eat one scoop of rice, try half. This little difference will surely give large impact.

2. Move. Not necessarily exercise or sports. But simply move. Be mobile. Park far from your destination, walk, take the stairs instead of elevator. Go window shopping. A 2 hours window shopping compared to 40 minutes jogging=which 1 is more fun? =) so, move!!

3. Drink lots and lots of plain water. Make this your only water. With 0 calorie, drink this before you start ur meal, this will control your food intake after that. Plus, this will save up your calories intake. You can't save on the food, sacrifice on the drink, lost some, gain some. =)

4. Buy a scale. But dun weigh yourself too often. Try every 3 days.Having a scale is like giving urself a reminder everytime not to over eat.

5. Share! Always share your meal with your friends, not only you eat less, but you can make your friends happy! =)

6. Drink green tea, this can increase your metabolism.

7. Take whole body pics everyday, also to monitor your weight.

8. Do not ever skip breakfast because this will cause you to eat more towards the end of the day which is a no2! So, no harm having a heavy breakfast, instead of a heavy dinner.

9. Exercise! In whatever exercise that defines you.

10. Count your calories. Roughly. So you know when you go overboard. Like bun=200kcal,milo=130kcal, roughly. Always go for the round, more figure. If its 185 kcal, round it up to 200kcal, so, you will stop when actually you are taking up less. =) Try to stop before your reach 200kcal per day.

11. Start now, not tommorow, not lusa, tulat, next week.

12. This is not about losing weight per se, its about Loving and being kind to your body, eating unhealthily will cause you lethargy, begin slowly, Do not expect speedy result. This is all about WILLPOWER3, NOT TOO AMBITIOUS & REALISTIC !! (ika aku tau ko tgh senyum, baik ko berenti senyum sekarang).

So, all the best fer you who love your body~

2 chemistry(s):

Anonymous said...

is it u really mean 200kcal per day or 2000kcal per day or 200kcal per meal?

please clarify,thanks

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

2000 kcal, sorry typo!

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