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Thursday, March 12, 2009

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Its been a week in Kuching, now I can't wait to go back. Yesterday, sis ordered me to get her the new MAC hello kitty range which is in KL and KK, alleged to be sold out. Yes, it is true, cuz the salesperson said that too. They come in Hello Kitty black and pink packaging. Why am I less interested? because, it is not too pink, it should have been pinkier. heheh..But MAC is always the cream of the crop.

I admit I am no Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray in the cooking department, but I can proudly say I make one of the best spaghettis. Today, I prepared spaghetti fer the house. This is also my favourite choice of menu to any gathering pot lucks. I have no secret recipe fer this. But I do have some valuable tips:
  • Use the Maggi spaghetti mix, not Prego for tastier taste, sorry Prego....
  • Add some tomato puree and blend the sour taste with sugar.
  • Saute the meat with some garlic and onion
and Walaaa~you will get the perfect taste, that worth the salute! This time around, I use the Angelhair spaghetti, slimmer and need less time to cook.

Terlanjur memblog, I would like to put on my "flogger" (food blogger) to introduce one of the famous noodles in Kuching. Chicken Mushroom noodle. What's significant about this noodle is, it is made by a convert, so you can get the authentic Chinese style taste but, using the Halal ingredient. Thumbs up fer this because its cheap yet very2 delicious! So fer those who wants to give it a try, ( I assure you will not resent it) it is located behind parkson, near the parking lots.

It is ok to indulge fer I still keep my weight within the green zone,,hehe

Me and sis stumble into this cute little fella yester2days. So adorable ...rasa nak gigit.hehe
His presence had attracted many passers by..

Some couldn't help touching him!

DEBUT: Elder sis' new cat: REMY

I'm thankful I am brought up in a family that LOVE animals, from my dad to us. Aand I really despise any forms of cruelty againts animal!


Instead, be nice to them...=) make the world a better place!

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