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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Marley & Me

So, I have watched Marly & Me as suggested by my sis. It is indeed more tearjerking than my sis had pre-warned me. The story is about a dog named Marley belongs to John and Jenny.
It actually tells us how much attached human with pets can be and like my sis said, how to deal with a family's departure. I couldn't hold up to my tears and weeped like I never did before especially when it's time to let Marley go. He got sick and he didn't have much energy to endure it and had to be put to sleep. It reminds me a lot of my gone Hafiz as John's son said "My friend said if the dog's gonna die, he will go far away" ... sob sob sob. This movie is strongly recommended for animal lovers.

Btw, still in the same scope of animal lovers, look what I have got myself after Marley and me..I got it @ Colours for 50% off! It is actually a kid's longsleeves.hehe

A cat-print longsleeves

Mom and sisters would certainly love it! =)

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