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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Poplook and Make Up Workshop

I know right!! I know you guys must be a fan too! Tell me already, this website robs me daylight (and night) everytime! But I can't help but to purchase, purchase, purchase! I dare to say 80% of my wardrobes are from thepoplook. I Love Thepoplook because:

1) It's Hijab friendly
2) Reasonable price
3) Up to date (frequent updates)
4) Comfortable
5) Very efficient

Now, they are having this Instgram contest to win RM600 of their store credit (boleh shopping sampai lebam). All you have to do is wear anything from thepoplook, snap pics, tag @thepoplook and #thepoplooklove and stand a chance to win the prize. Since 80% of my wardrobes are from thepoplook, I started spamming the contest. Ahahaha

Hence, I'm featured in their fb page, I know some of you have seen but personally for me, it deserves a blog entry. mwahahaha!

me in tomatoes
I know I keeeeep on posting this , because It's my current favourite from them to date!

Pink?Lace? Oh I am overdosed! I have this in all the 3 colors-mustard, white, Pink!

Story 2

Last last week, my workplace organised a makeup workshop by Bodyshop for the ladies. It was to occupy our free Friday lunch hour. Although I am not that keen of their products but I fall prey too! I love their high pigment eyeshadow and delicious lipbalm, and of course their signature white musk.

Transfer of Learning at home. haha but until now, I have no idea how to do eyebrows so I let it be, don't want to end up looking like Shin Chan >.<

3 chemistry(s):

afif=shafie said...

malangnya thepoplook hanya ada female clothing line.sedeyh

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

Hehehe fashion valet lah

Anonymous said...

sis, mind to share what contact lens did u use?d colour looks nice!

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