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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Istanbul Aku Datang

After several good reviews I read on IAD, I was really determined to watch it myself and apparently I am really2 satisfied! First, I love Beto Kushairy's acting since Rosli Dhoby and the fact the movie is directed by Bernard Chauly, Fazura remember?

oMG i can totally relate to the movie! Actually I did exactly what Dian did ( i bet other girls would to) in the movie! The difference was I did not fly to where my then Bf studied but I gave up everything and flew to KK and settle for MA just to be near the element of my bf, his family! Thank God it worked out after rise and falls and bittersweet, he is now the father of my child.

The movie is sooo realistic and relatable, u know, being in one, a long distant relationship can really kill. It can be quite stressful dealing with all the uncertainty, insecurity and trust issues.I agree 100% to Azad's excuses, (Tomok), when you are far from each other you'll become lost and you begin to look for thrill and adventure, but at the end He/ she is still the one. When he mentioned that Melis (in that movie) does not mean anything, I totally buy that! He's right , but whatever it is the scar will remain forever right, and as much as I want Dian to give Azad a second chance, I don't blame her for falling into Harris' charm hehe.

Last but not least, you have to watch IAD then you'll understand what I've just written!

4 chemistry(s):

cik fara said...

nak tengok jugak..tapi belum sempat.huhu

Anonymous said...

i can't agree with you more, kak aida :) thisss LDR thingy... i feel you :D

Biena said...

Best nak? Nak nangga, nangga agik...

bunga daisy said...

I watched IAD like 5 times i guess. coz i purchased at astro first tak bosan pun tgk byk kali.
looking forward benard chauley nye movie lagi.

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