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Monday, October 15, 2012

When your child is sick...

The only time my motherhood was tested was when Ayra got prolonged jaundice when she was 4 days old, just imagine, her jaundice lasted for 28 days!

Last 2 days, I was tested again, when I was back from travelling, Ayra 5th month jab was due, so both me and my husband brought her to Klinik kesihatan to get her scheduled jab. When B held her, B told me, she felt a little bit warm, give me the thermometer. Yups! Her temperature was 36.9 deg at that time, but we resumed the plan, to bring her to Klinik Kesihatan, to see how it'll turn to be because baby with fever cannot be given jab.

At Klinik kesihatan, much to our horror, her temperature spiked to 37.9! So she was refused injection and recommended to taping sponging to control the temperature. Following the fever, Ayra developed coughing ang her cough worsen from time to time. I quickly applied for EL with the hope things will get better tomorrow. But that night, Ayra's coughing was too bad, B brought her to emergency to use nebulizer. It's an aerosol kind of thing used to reduce the trachea inflammation. Ayra had this sound of barking cough and strider when excited. It worried me to hell! B suspected her to have viral croup and it tuned out that he was right. Ayra was admitted and it was 3:45 am sharp, 12 October 2012, exactly the time Ayra was born, 5 months ago! (just some interesting co-incident) 

When she got the specialist checked her, she was granted to discharged because according to him viral croup is self laminating illness which eventually will go away. Now, Ayra temperature has subsided but she still got the coughing specially during night.

Doc's advice was to bring her inhale fresh and moist air, so better to bring her out around rather than confining her (especially) in our small apartment.

I pray everyday she will be ok and healthy as usual!
1 day before fever

On the way to Klinik Kesihatan

At Klinik Kesihatan



Ready to discharge

After discharged

7 chemistry(s):

Aini Amir said...

ala...comey nya..
bila anak sakit kena sabar banyak2..

TiNie said...

hai aida..i feel you. My baby also experience with bad cough. I was so worried at that time. Luckily he recovered fast. i get so emotional when my baby fall sick.huhuhu


Assalam...soo comey ur baby...semangat sgt...moga membesar menjadi anak yg soleh n sihat sntiase:)

Qaseh Suhaida said...

baby arya so cute...moga sentiasa sihat dan cergas

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

Tq sumaa!

Sue said...

Cute nya baby ayra. Kaki beketul2 jak. Get well soon baby! :)

mama leen said...

comelnya ayra..

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