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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Most Important Meal of the Day!

Back in my hometown (Kuching), we really appreciate having breakfast out. You'll find most recommended and popular eating places are those offering good breakfast, specially laksa sarawak, mee kolok, mee jawa, satay, ayam penyet to name some. I remember me and my parents would rise very early to savour these breakfast regardless the grandeur laksa, or just a simple half boiled egg or chakoi at nearby market. 

When I came to KK, I decide to resume the tradition, I love waking up early, am a morning person. And in KK , although it's not as merry as Kuching but they do have awesome breakfast place, in the sense that more proper than Kuching. If in kuching, people prefer stalls and chinese hawker style. The more simple the place, more visitors they will receive!In KK, a few of them which I love is of course Fook Yuen (Gaya, Kolombong, Karamunsing, Asia City), Old Town, Kak Nong, and the recent place which I have gone for 2 consecutive weeks now; The Olde Station in City Mall, It's quite far from my place but for its legendary chakoi and crunchy popia I sanggup! hehe And they have this tepung gomak (which I always get from Bits and Bites Wisma Merdeka). And definitely qualified to be the substitute! hehe

happy having breakfast y'alls!

This is  the crunchy popia I am talking about! 5 stars!

If u guys have more interesting places, please share ya!!

5 chemistry(s):

TiNie said...

thanks for the info. i realy crave for the best chakoi but still didnt found yet. Definitely will try the olde station.

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

i miss having breakfast in kuching!!!! sitok lagik la, ada roti canai nasik lemak jak la...

Biena said...

Sitok nasi lemak nasi lemak nasi lemak! grand pun soto. boring eh... but the chinese here really enjoy their breakfast though.

CikNana said...

wah..nampak sedap..:)

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

yup mostly chinese yg enjoy their breakfast!

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