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Monday, October 22, 2012

Of Chicken Wings!!!

Of late I have developed severe craving towards...... Chicken wings! I am willing to go extra mile just to savour any recommended chicken wings menu. Chicken wings or sayap ayam they call it in KK is one of the it menu. To date I have tried some and here I'd love to list and share shall some of you are in the same frequency as mine. hehe

Drumrolls please...

1. The legendary would always go Tanjung Lipat chicken wings, they still hold the best chicken wings I have ever tasted. Hehe

2. Buffalo wings in Plan B Midvalley, the sour taste is very distinct which I love...

3. Buffalo wings in Chillis and TGIF would tie. hehe I love the mild taste of spicy and sour and their friendly bite size and generous portion per sevings.
4. Pizza hut Honey/Salsa BBQ Chicken, its crunchy crumbs got me taken. Yummeyh, I can eat a dozen of these in a blink of an eye! ahah
5. New Orleans drummets and WingStreet Pizza Hut. They are really tasty up to their deepest flesh!

6. Upperstar BBQ chic wings, too good for its reasonable price, crunchy, moist and soft at the same time without compromising on its taste!

7. Luigi Malones Buffalo Wings, it's blend of buffalo plus BBQ taste. Confused identity turns out right!!

Too much wings already?! haha
So if any of you happen to know other places of chicken wings, please2 inform me aight?~

3 chemistry(s):

TiNie said...

Thanks for sharing the yummy kepak2 ayam. Actually i have request for ur next entry. Since ur english is so excellent n superb, can u share with us how do u improve ur english? U have rich vocab must be u read a lot rite? Please...please share with us ya aida. I hope that u take time to grant my wish. Thanks dear.

P/a: my english not so good as yours. Im sorry for any broken english..

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

oo my, that's the last thing people would say about me tinie!huhu i never ever thought I have fluent english. but if you insist, i love to read and write! that's all. zero formal education besides school. :)

I read ur blog too and I think urs is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better!

TiNie said...

No lah..ur english waaaaayy better than me plus i seldomly write in english. I'm afraid people laugh at me. Hihihi. Thanks for ur time dear. Really appreciate it. Keep writing, i love to read ur entry.

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