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Ayra Maysaa

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Raising Ayra

Maybe the term 'raising' is too early to be applied to me, for my daughter just reached 1 month and 8 day old today. Though such a short period, I learnt a whole lot! Like I always proclaimed, I was a self centred during my old days. Was. Everything evolved around me me me. I don't even share wardrobe with my husband. Until Ayra came into my life. And I think it's not wrong to admit I am not fond of kids and neither am I their favourite Ha  ha Ha. In the sense that I am not the type who kids will approach to play with or to ask something, probably someone they hate! haha, I am not the type who go to mothers with kids and ask to carry their babies, admiring from afar will do rather than held responsible for dropping someone else's child. Hahah 

But, having my own, with my despicable attitude, has taken its toll on me. I became scared and not confident. I have never handled a kid before what more to say baby! And neither I am the diligent one like most of first time mothers now who read all the books in the world and become expert prior the birth of their 1st child. I prefer to go with the flow. First few days of Ayra homecoming, it's Mom, Dad and Hubby who handled her. The vision of her falling down, getting hurt really scare me! Until B has gone back home and my parents had returned to work. It's only me and Ayra at home!  I tell you for 1st time mothers out there, with pride, I HAVE NO PROBLEM handling Ayra, (so far) maybe its a gift from Allah to mothers. All my fear is useless! I gave her bathe like I have done it forever. Even I myself was amazed by this, so far, I don't have any major problem 'raising' a baby. Except when she decides to become nocturnal. See, I never stayed up in my whole life, be it the most important exam, I never compromised my sleep. So this is a tad hard for me. Sometimes I gave up and passed her to my mom should I become a zombie. 

So far, Ayra is easy from month 1 of my pregnancy, she never gave me any problem up until labor, I hope she stays like this until she leaves home. Still a very small fraction of the beginning of her milestone, there's still so very much ahead to look forward for my Ayra. :)

Ayra 4 days old

Ayra 7 days old

Ayra 13 days old

Ayra 23 days old

Ayra 36 days old

Mommy 30 days of confinement. hahaha

10 chemistry(s):

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

bgs nya awak dah merik mandik ayra!! sy nang sik pernah n sik brani merik mandik nya until my day end of pantang. ya pon baruk blajaa merik mandik nya sbb dah nak balit kulim. hohoho.

best nak jd mommies? hehe

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

sy terpaksa pa! 2 weeks dah kmk 2 ajak d rumah, hohoho

Anonymous said...

sweet Ayra.

Anonymous said...

Mommy, mcm dah slim.

abu ubaidah said...

knp pic last overexposed hehe,hi ayra!

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ano1 & 2: hehe, belum2!

b: tu la pasal. sian ayra, ayra kena bg salam, br dia senyum.hehe

Ernie Khairina said...

I bagi mandi Aariz after he was 1 month u lagi terer la.
oh comel tau kalo dah besar dan boleh main lompat2 mommy.

Anonymous said...

semoga ayra menjadi anak yg faqih dlm Islam.amin ya rabb.
oh my, geramnya dkt ayra.cuteness!!!

cindyrina said...

adorable and bless Ayra! visiting you :)

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ernie: under pressure tu, terpaksa.eheh ter'pandai' hehe

ano: ameen, tq

cindy: tq!

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