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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hubby's 27th Birthday

9 years ago, I had a crush on this guy and fast forward to 2012, he is now the father of my child!Fairy tale much huh? 13 June is his 27th birthday, his first birthday as hubby and wifey yet I can't be there to celebrate.  Since B's birthday is only a day away from his nephew's they decided to celebrate them together today! So, what I did was to plan with his sister to surprise him with gifts. Glad he loves them!

Happy birthday and Happy fathers' Day b! Thank you for being a wonderful husband and daddy. Believe it or not, I still have that butterfly in stomach effect whenever I see you (especially when you pick me up from airport after I return from travelling)! ;p I love u so much, I always do, and I wanna grow old with you! Muahs. Syukur at 27, you're a Muslim, you got a job, a child and of course an awesome wife! hahahaha!

These are the most I can do

Nice bouqet!, credit to Kakak for the awesome kawtim!

7 chemistry(s):

Anonymous said...

travelling aida??

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

bkn travelling kerja,travelling ke kch, ke kl la..x kisah la mana2pun

Abu ubaidah said...

Heheh tq baby!! I love u sooo much! Hahaa tiba2 ada haters di atas sana

Jihan said...

sama birthday dgn mak jihan plak..hehe. anyway, happy 27th birthday abu:)!

Nurul Khairunie said...

salam sis. first of all happy birthday to daddy ayra!

about the portraiture thingy you asked me the other day, just contact me anytime. sure we can arrange a session. it would be an honor to photograph your family :)

Anonymous said...

bukan hater..tanya ja..=)

Cindyrina (The Princess) said...

oh wow macadamia white chocolate my favourite...blogwalking :)

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