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Friday, June 8, 2012

My Struggle with Ayra's Jaundice and I hate pantang

Every mommy would agree if I say handling babies with jaundice is such a tedious task. For my case it's prolonged jaundice! Ayra's jaundice episode began as early as day 3. OUR BIGGEST MISTAKE is we did not refer her to the Mother and Child clinic (how can I overlooked the fact that I need to register toKlinik Kesihatan after I was discharged?!?!). We chose to self treat. B retrieved her blood everyday and sent them directly to the lab. Ayra's SB level increased up to 15! So, we took another WRONG step, we rented (rasa kaya) blue light from Klinik Astana for a ridiculous RM80 per day. Ayra was laid under the blue light for three days, then B had to go back to KK, means no one was there to retrieve and monitor her blood. Honestly saying, I was close to depression during that time, mentally and physically painful. 

After the phototherapy, Ayra's SB level showed decrease but still high, 11-12. But the trend was decreasing.  During the last day of her phototherapy I had to ask favor from my doctor friend in GH to take her blood, yes, her SB decreased. Short relief, we tried everything to treat her, Goats milk, green grapes, sensei, ambuyat (sago),  I even delayed my supplement intake to assist her recovery. Talking about mother instinct, three days later, I decided to check her SB again after seeing her sleeping all day and very passive. (signs of jaundice), my horror emerged. Ayra SB level rebound! Being a typical mother, it worried me to hell. I felt so stressed, Ayra had been poked so many times, not again! But I have no choice! So, with guilt I went to Klinik Kesihatan (all this while I thought we only need to register at Klinik Kesihatan for the 1st month jab). I took her blood at Gribbles and went to the clinic for 5 appointments! From day 13 until today Day 28, she is finally discharged! 

Honestly, my control measure for her jaundice is BF. I became sick of all the tips and petua I became pessimistic towards them, So I stopped them altogether and continue to BF her contiously. I tried to make myself less stressful by .....GOING OUT. Yes, I know I am still in my confinement but what good is to confine yourself when you feel physically and mentally pressured? Only then, I felt relieved. Scientifically, there is no pantang2. It all depends on your body capacity. Don't start lecturing me on kesannya bila dah tua nanti. You eat right, you rest enough, then nothing's gonna be wrong with you bila tua, it's a prolong thing, kalau tak pernah2 jaga makan, tak pernah exercise, harapkan 40 days pantang je jaga, u expect you look good bila tua nanti??

Alhamdulillah Ayra's now discharged. Thanks to Dr Klinik kesihatan Sekama yang super gorgeous mcm model, she is something like Nasha Aziz minus the botox, he,  I love the way she dresses up, today she wears milky yellow pleated dress, last week she wore mint dress with golden belt with platform, cantiknyaa! harap2 Ayra terkenan. hehe... On top of all, she is kind, kalau jahat, automatically tak cantik. hehe Syukur2... To mommies with prolonged jaundice babies, I can feel you, be patient and stay +ve :)

kesian Ayra, so yellow.

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M.A.M.A said...

Kmk faham perasaan ktk. Kmk, anak 1st & anak kedua tok, duak2 ada kuning. Lambat turun gik ya. Penawarnya cuma BF. Kmk x makan ubat pun cuma kmk makam vitamin jak. As long as kita pandey jaga dirik, xpa. Gney org puteh kan.. heheheh.. syukur lah baby ktk dah ok. Jgn stress2. Mesti happy coz dah bergelar ibu. Take care!

Joanne Juend said...

My friend's baby got prolonged jaundice also, day 2 until like today. She is a doctor but coping well with the stress, eventhough i could see her stress is moreeeee than before. She's the one who keeps on poking her daugther's vein for blood every day.

I think, mummies are super women, like you all :)

Take care :)

bonda hazim said...


Sabar ya...cobaannnn..mmg gitu..bonda ingat lg masa pantang kuning naik ckit...sdh tidak mau pantang2..tekanan bepantang nih..Asal aida jg kesihatan,makan dan aktivit harian...mesti badan aida gojes mcm dlu k....

[sutera kasih] said...

kak, tahniah !!
baby ktk cute ehhh..

amanda said...

my baby pun prolonged jaundice. start from day 1 (Seriously, hours after delivered, dah nampak kuning kat muka) sampailah dia dah umur 1bulan 2hari! now he is 1m15days, all healthy! trust me, dari day 4, mata dia pun dah warna kuning2,lidah pun kuning. mula2 ward in sebab darah bby ada kuman, dia termakan tayi dlm perut as i was 8days over my EDD. plus lagi jaundice. hari2 ambil darah, hari2 inject antibiotik. :( so i stop makanan berpantang which is sup ayam+halia byk2 utk buang angin. sebab halia buat bby kuning. didn't rest well sebab dlm quarantine ward,seorg jaga bby. yalah,sampai kiv nak tukar darah bby lagi :( but... alhamdulillah, he is now healthy! :) just be patient! :)

Ernie Khairina said...

Aida please dont stop bf. aariz masa 2 hari pun ada tanda jaundice so i bf him all night..esok dah takda.

Be strong aida..ur ayra is so precious she will love u unconditionally.

Oh ya saya tak pkai stokin masa pantang..bcoz malaysia is hot! And i dont want to get stress by wearing sock...i went out and act normal at 2 weeks..thrs nothing wrong with that.. (and i sipped sirap too)

u can do it!

abu ubaidah said...

:) i prefer to use the term late bloomer rather than prolonged jaundice which refer to liver failure,

it was not a wrong decision for self medicate,escaping admission for jaundice is a bless,staying at government hosp after delivery is not a very clever idea,maybe someone can share their experience here.....

i'm soo happy for ayra,she has gone through a lot already,i miss u soo much,i love u aidalina :),cannot wait to get back together..

Wa Biena said...

Tedah nya... Wa Biena's munchkin so yellow.... shayang lok..

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

tq all for ur experience,

ernie: yup, i go out as early as day 16. yaa pakai socks buat stress woo and fyi, msia skrg global warming!! aduhh

b: ku akan tunggu saat bertemu!!muahs

biena: agnes!

TiNie said...

i also have gone through this was stressful yet it make me understand
and apprecite my mother to te max..

~zuera~ said...

my lil boy also kena jaundis dari day 3.due to dia x pandai nak latch dan i punya nipple dia x dapat susu langsung dari day 1.poor baby boy.being an ego mum yg nak totally bf,i x terpikir pun nak bg fm masa tu.sampai misi datang rumah,kena p cek kat kk,kena refer hospital.nangis2 i kena warded berdua je dgn baby.sebab x reti lagi handle baby,penat beranak x abes g and sakit tempat jahit g.Alhamdulillah, keadaan hospital kepala batas sangat i x stress,buckle up and go through that.1st nite dlm wad,i x dpt g the right esoknya bila cek jaundis adam naik sikit.2nd day,i keep on pumping,wpun dapat 10ml je.i kejut adam bangun every hour,bagi minum,dia pun berak setiap jam.3rd day dah boleh keluar wad.a day before 14 days baru abes jaundis.selain bf,i topup fm sikit supaya adam kenyang and dapat berak.sekarang totally bf je.

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

wow rupa2nya byk sama experience like i did, ya, actually BF tu nak srh baby berak sbb ada lax effect, klu x ckp mmg kena topup FM...tu fungsi susu..

Jihan said...

Jihan dulu pun keluar jalan2 lepas 2 minggu berpantang. mmg tak tahan duduk rumah lama2 bagi yg suka berjalan2 mcm jihan ni. stokin pun kdg2 tak pakai sbb rimas. ibu2 berpantang ni mmg tak boleh stres, takut efek pd susu. sekali sekala keluar apa salahnya:)? we need to pamper ourselves juga lepas beranak ni kan? hehe.

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

jihan, sgt setuju dgn apa jihan nak ckp, kurang yang sensitif terhadap keperluan ibu selepas bersalin, tumpuan 100% pd anak, termasuk ibu tu sendiri lupa nak pamper herself.

doracomel said...

hi aida..selama ni silent reader. baca ni baru tergerak nak komen
keciannya ayra..
susah ke pantang ni aida? apa yg paling susah?
dora ni dh 32 wks, dah nervous sgt2..
bab makan tu rasanya boleh tahan cuma rasanya cam tak sanggup telan jamu... T__________T
bleh share pengalanan pantang aida x?

~zuera~ said...

betul.tu jugak yang i pikir.masa kat hospital ada doc lelaki cina marah i bg adam fm.but i think i lagi berdosa biar anak lapar dari bagi dia makan fm.i memang rasa bernasib baik sangat warded kt hospital kepala batas yg totally selesa compare to hospital seberang jaya.bila anak jaundis,dok tunggu je dia berak.hepi bila anak berak.the joy being mom.hehe

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