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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Never that I expected my trip to my hometown would be horrible, nope the the place, neither the treatment but it was me succumbed to constant vomiting on day 2. Just imagine, I vomited for 5 times in one day! I turned flaccid towards the end of the day as I surrendered to all kind of food. I mistakenly (I think so) I was having late morning sickness (because I never had one since my pregnancy period) but B insisted it was not, he suspected this is because of food poisoning or the amount of DURIAN that I consumed. Yeah,at RM10 for 3 durians, who can resist of settling for one whole durian by yourself? Came next day, I went to gynae specialist for my routine scanning and I asked the gynae about my condition. She also denied the late morning sickness and also suggested it might be caused by food poisoning, I strongly the culprit was Pizza Ria that I had the night before because the peas tasted weird. 

Up until now, I don't know what is the real cause yet, because the gynae insisted me to do urine C & S and B just performed it on me justnow including full blood count. Ok, enough of my condition.

I did my antenatal check up at Klinik Syafa' in Kuching, specificallyfor gender scan at the clinic and treatment was awesome. Actually she was my mom's acquaintance because she ever served in General Hospital one time ago. I recommend this clinic for ladies in Kuching, you will not regret it, 1st class treatment with 1 star price. It's located near DIGI centre in Satok, near Klinik Dr. Kon, next to Bank Rakyat.

I hope I recover soon, (fyi, I just threw up justnow) and it was torturing!! huhu...

Baby M says Hi!!

The best angle the gynae could capture. 90% possibility of a hamburger! 

4 chemistry(s):

Ernie Khairina said...


p/s takpayahla makan durian, during pregnancy aida..panas

Shiba Hisham said...

preggers sepatutnya kena elak durian, aida. Sebab panas~ Orang biasa pun kadang2 makan durian ada yang demam, lagikan preggers. Check again with ur husband btl ke x.

Mama_Nabihah said...

erk,kmk kuat juak makan durian but baca dari, setakat tok xda kajian gik madah yg durian ya bahaya di makan time preggy. so, makan jak tp berpada-pada. heheh...

boleh x kmk tauk how much mun scan 3D d klinik syafa'? kmk plan nak scan 3-D, mun di normah specialist dalam RM80.00. ne tauk lebih murah gik.. heheh.. :p

wondergirls said...

Brapa check up antenatal di klinik syafa' ?

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