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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Real Weekend

Nowadays, it's rare to meet weekends when B is not working, finally the waiting ends, for this weekend, B happened to be off and we gotta have a hubby and wifey time. 

Some of my skirts, they shrink ( ya right, if u understand what I mean). So because I need to cover up my belly, technically, the shorter they become, so I thought of modifying it by adding lace at the hems.This morning, after B played tennis with his brother, we went to Pasar Filipin to get laces and my skirts modified. 

Waiting for my skirts to be completed
While waiting for my skirts we go for some Coconut Juice nearby

Yummeh, so refreshing!
Yesterday, Astro was supposed to install the dish at my unit but the management of my apartment did not permit because they were having their CNY holiday already, so things had to be postponed next week altogether. So means NO ASTRO for us yet! Pfft!! Since both of us were on leave, I thought of making laksa sarawak and invited my family in law to our crib.

Success at 1st attempt! Definitely more to come after this!

Finally I have a friend at my new place. She always walk me up to my unit at level 2, but she runs up the staircase although she's pregnant!! No way I can beat that! All I have to do to thank her company is to feed her Frieskies! hehe Gotcha!!

Of course she wins everytime! hehehe

7 chemistry(s):

Anonymous said...

kak aida duduk dkt UA ? we might be neighbours! :D

Little Cinderella said...

hehehe..comelnye..a pregnant friend too..supporting each other.. what a nice cat =D

Neeja Ami said...

aiyaa y ar when im not in kk area tlepas pluang jmpa u sis? walhal sy pn slalu modify clothes d psr filipin..myb next time..btw u look glowing

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ano: is it??? yeay!
LC: cute right??!
Neeja: akak selalu jgk g sana, hehehe

Anonymous said...

omg, those pics of you and mama kucing made me laughhhhhh ;D

Aida The Pink Goddess said...


Neeja Ami said...

UA? wahhh my future husband bought an apartment near to UA area... blh la jmpa kak Aida nnt :) *wink

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