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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Clothes and some

Last time, I rarely buy cloth towards my PMS mood because of that bloated feelings, girls will understand. Everything you try on would be the ugliest thing you've worn. True? It's called feeling-fat-day. 

Come my pregnancy, seriously I feel like a cow. And it's not feelings nor delusion, it's literally a weight-put-on , BUT I am so driven to buy new clothes. I never failed to purchase at least one when ever I go out with B although sometimes it had to be the biggest size. And that awkward moment when I am one to two size up, and thanks to housemanship, b is one size down. Just kill me already. Maybe am carrying a girl? That's what the famous saying says, when you prone to doll up during your pregnancy, you might be carrying a she. Ameen. ehhe. We don't know the gender yet, maybe we will do a check up in Kuching later. where she/he was conceived :p  And I just did a make up purchase two days ago of mascara and eye shadow. Note: I rarely wear mascara and I only have 2 eyeshadows in 3 years period of time. What's about that? Hmm..

Terlanjur memblog, lemme just squeeze in an entry about my SIL birthday on the 4th last week. B treated the whole pack at Hang Li Po Restaurant and the cake was our idea, half choc cheese and half durian. hahah. Both the dishes and the cake did not disappoint us, happy birthday akak! And I deserved a facepalm for not inserting the SD card back to our SLR hence, the camera phone pics. B was totally mad at me that night. So did I really pissed off at myself. 

Kakak and her bundle of joy
The family nickname Akak as "coconut"
 Yours truly.
Dear sweet pea, this is mom carrying you at 22 weeks 5 days. 9 more days to 6 months!

Now gimme this. Craving!

P/S: The falsies mascara by Maybelline is just awh-some!!

12 chemistry(s):

-ilyannur- said...

aida.. serius kamu glowing waktu mmg ada obses dgn pregnant lady hehe. cantik!

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

kena tgk live kot. huhu, takdelah.

Ema said...

when you said you feel like a cow, i laughed and think that if it so, then you are the most beautiful cow. ;p xpala... pregnant mmg mcm tu kn? sy rasa, kak aida sm jgk mcm dulu walaupun nampak berisi sikit.. cntik jg :D

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

aww, u guys just spoiled me, tp mmg la rasa full dan ketat. hohoho

Ema said...

no joking. betul3. tapi lepas ni jangan pulak terus pegi beli baju banyak2. hehe

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

dood, skrg belum cow lagik. tggu after u deliver and breastfeeding. brk rs cow mena2. hehe.

nampak dah perut!!!!!! best ehhhh. glowing2 gik yaaa...

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

haha, i really2 hope my baby will not deny me. best nangga org BF anak, sihat jak anak mcm nasuha,

6 bulan dah sy. 3 bulan gik.. aaaaaaaaaaaaa

Sal said...

Lama x jenguk blog akak. =)
wah, perut da makin ke depan. Smoga kakak & baby sihat2 selalu.=)

Khairieah said...

hai kak aida~~
mungkinkah baby boy?
sbb pernah dengar orang ckp klu selalu cantik time pregnant, maybe you're carrying a boy
sbb klu u're carrying a girl, all your seri tak nampak sbb baby dah ambik..hehe..
stay healthy kak aida! =))

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

iya? yakan, ernie cantik masa pregnant aariz. hehe tak kisahla, asalkan sihat sempurna, ameen! tq K!

syitah said...

jaga diri aida, sronok tgk you happy with hubby and baby :)
syitah kene tggu lagi ;/

sedapnye nutella! heheh

Farah Asyikin said...

Aida you look gourgeous when u pregnant....hope u ok....

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