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Thursday, December 20, 2012

AidaThePinkGoddess by Design Update No 1

For this first range, they are chiffon shawls, standard size with high quality lace and ruffles sewn to the border. 

RM 59 including postage.

1. Taupe with brown lace & beige ruffles
2. Black Maria- Black with red lace & Ruffles (SOLD)
3. The Camo- Army green with army green lace & ruffles
4. Cinnamon with pink lace & ruffles (SOLD)
5. Milky yellow with yellow lace & ruffles (SOLD)
6. Brown with brown lace and beige ruffles (SOLD)
7. Black Flamanco- Black with pink lace & ruffles
8. Cinnamon with brown lace and beige ruffles
9. Brick with pink lace & dark pink ruffles
10. Brick with brown lace & beige ruffles
11. The Pinkgoddess - Pink with pink lace & ruffles(SOLD)
12. Snow White - White with white lace & ruffles (SOLD)
13. Black with baby blue ace and grey ruffles
14. Milky yellow with white lace and yellow ruffles (SOLD)
15. The Bee- Black with yellow lace & ruffles

To order: 
Email to
State Name, Address, Phone Number, Product and Quantity
Wait for my reply and make payment
First come first serve basis
No reservation and no backout buyers please.
Thank you!


You can follow me on instagram @AidaThePinkGoddess and we deal over there!

3 chemistry(s):

Majlinah said...


Jihan said...

jelesnya tgk org lain dh berbisnes ni. :)

1 komen je..lagi bagus kalo ada sample/gambar aida pakai shawl ni supaya ur customer boleh nampak kecantikkan ruffles & shawl2 aida ni. :) lagi bertambah rambang mata dorang nnt. just my 2cents. hehe.

Anonymous said...

I'm late...yang no.2 takde keluar lagi ke?..

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