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Ayra Maysaa

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

About Pink & Pandalela (with video)

We just discovered Ayra's new interest (we supposed) . That is swimming! We have this pool at our apartment, so last weekend we brought Ayra for a dip and she really enjoyed it beyond our expectation. Bought her a float and seriously she enjoyed it as much as her dad (am afraid of water). With her float, she found her own direction and carefreely swam around! ehehe
Its funny when she got mad when we took her out from the pool !! haha

Got this kid sneakers at only 24.90! Just couldn't resist because my inner girl screams!! By the way, these are so my kind of pink, not all pink are my kind. hehehe

Last but not least, don't forget to grab our atpgbydesign ruffles and lace shawls, only a few left, grab yours before its too late!

7 chemistry(s):

Sue said...

Aiee kiut nya lok. Pande swimming dah eh. Nang dpt nganti pandelela tok :D

n i e z a said...

dah kedak pro jak ayra.
nang aek nya la. pun intended. hehe.

mama leen said...

comelnya ayra.. tu dia nangis ke gelak tu.. tak takut air.. nice blog.. cantik sangat tudung.. baju kasut... semua la.. :)

saeko_nakamura said...

Comelnya ayra!like mother, like daughter!sis, adore sgt kt sis. Boleh tak share some of skincare yang akak guna?kulit akak sangat cantik! :)

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

Mama leen, suka dia mandii hehe gelak sakan
Saeko, akak guna tia amelia je, takdek yg lain, dr pencuci sampai cream, semua tia amelia, best, jarrang ada jerawat

Anonymous said...

aieee ne video... excited mok tengok video ayra :)

aLia said...

cutenya ayra swimming!

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