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Thursday, October 13, 2011

My advanced birthday celebration

Remember my quest for Nachos? Well, after a mean tag by my sister, I finally got the chance to dunk into the tagged @Ben's~ Havenly I must say, crispy nachos coated with melting cheese, Yummeh to the max! Just recently, during Hubby's trip to KL prior his induction in JB, we decided to have an advanced birthday celebration of moi and @Chilli's. Again, we tried the BOTTOMLESS nachos, and they were like A LOT for only RM12, Jakun.hahhaa.. 

 Me & my beautiful sisters @ Ben's
The nachos is light and thin, just how I love them

 Pengantin lama..

 Buffalo wings yang ketemot.

After that, we bumped in Dato' K and Siti @Delicious. My, she is so pretty, up until now I resented for not taking picture with her. Why? because just not long before that , I followed my BIL to his friend's open house. There was Wardina, queueing for food, smitten, I politely asked her for a photo together but she snubbed me! When I returned to my table, a guests smiled at me, and she said "so expected of her". Itsokay maybe she has her own reason. So itwas a traumatizing experience for me for being rejected, hence I didn't dare to do the same thing with Siti.

I met Ekin too (and her twin), she looks like a doll!

Btw, just got these from Ika's BB. Zaman Narnia they are!

Don't we look err young? as in gonjeng. ahha I miss my wedding day. So much of happiness!

8 chemistry(s):

Inang said...

pengantin lama bila sudah mencecah ulangtahun perkahwinan yang pertama..


so Aida masih pengantin baru

Ernie Khairina said...

happy belated bday pretty! oh my, ruginya tak jumpa siti..she's sooo peramah tau. ada sekali amik gambar ngan dia, and then dia tanya if nak amik lagi (in case tak suke that prev shoot) baik kan? Yep I suke the twin, so stylo! Inspired by their belt and tuck in shirt hihi

Khairieah said...

hmm Wardina.
tp syngnya tak ambik gambar dgn Dato' CT.. dia takkan tolak peminat nak ambik gmbr, really.. i have one with her :) tapi zaman dolu2. hehe

abu ubaidah said...

n70 really looks amazing presented in blog ,i love u baby

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ya2 carls zeiss kn, muahs i lov u mores

ahmad endo said...

congrats!!! serius kin glowing eh..superb nachos!!

dilla kamal said...

haah betul ,siti is more approachable and fans friendly kot.tak pnh dgr lg die decline bile peminat nak ambik gmbar, tp wardina pnh.

a few months ago datuk siti was in kedah, she dropped by our house (my sil works for her), semua bibik in the neighbourhood dtg rumah utk bergambar dgn die.she didnt seem to mind at all

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ae: mena.. haha
dk: yaa che is soo adorable, mcm patung, ruginya tak amek pic, terus my perception terhdp wardina berubah.

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