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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Desa Cattle

A friend came over to KK and we brought him to one of the attractions here, the desa cattle. It is a dairy farm where you can witness from milking  to packaging process.

The price for carton milk here is almost 50% marked down

The cattle

The milking process starts from 3 pm - 5 pm..
I don't know whether it's psycho but the milk are extraordinary fresh here..

It could pass New Zealand!

For those who are interested, Desa Cattle is opened from 10am-5pm and the entrance fee is RM3 per person. 

7 chemistry(s):

cikbedahlaser said...

menarik... satu tempat yg sy idamkan nk pergi... tgk lembu susu d KK... thanx 4 sharing

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

cikbedahlaser:tq :)

nuwul92 said...

Salam kak aida..bleh x mek tnyk,ktk salu beli skirt kt cney kak aida..kmk salu crk skirt pattren kdk ktk ya.simple jak.yg kmk salu temu colour nya cmpr2.kmk ska nangga yg kdk ktk pn.Kmk nang tngh nk kmpl skirt.Boring dh mala makey sluar jak..Hehe..Thankz kak Aida..

Anonymous said...

oo.. saye plan nk g kk ujung tawun ni with family. sje je jalan2. da cari2 hotel da. yg ni dkt mane ey? mane tau sy nk mtak tourist guide saye bw kan skali ke sini.. name jalan ke,atau apa2 yg bole sy gtau ngn kene sebut 'desa cattle' je die dah tau? thnx aida.

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

Ano:oo gud for you,desa cattle ni kat kundasang,kaki gunung kinabalu,yes klu ckp desa cattle pun tourist guide tu sepatutnya tahu..:)

Lin said...

aida..u make me wanna visit sabah so much...maybe one day, Insya Allah..keep on posting entries like this yeah!

Hunny Kitty said...

really? kat KK ke nih

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