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Friday, September 9, 2011

5 years of exploration

We are 5 years old today. Heyy, that's 50000  in relationship years! Today also marks the 2nd month of my our marriage. No one has ever told me marriage is a phase of exploration and discovery! I have just discovered I am married to an OCD. I learn about commitment, trust, punctuality, patience, taking orders accurately, hardworking, and two. Selfishness has to extinct and I have to start to embrace SHARING which never existed in my dictionary before. Marriage is when you love doing something you used to hate cuz you're doing it for your husband :) Guess mine? :P

I don't know other people but my marriage has changed a lot about my life. Suddenly I am detached from my parents. It used to be my stuffs within my perimeter. Suddenly I have a roommate. It used to be campus and gym. It's been a while I am not steering the wheel. That is just not it, prior to my wedding, I resigned from my work to follow my husband. And I did not expect I will embark on a new career soon,  of different nature from my previous job ... And neither would I expect  that ordinary activities, could be so much fun if it involves someone you love.

Am glad and thankful that he is what I expected, dreamed and wished for, I couldn't ask for more for the time being, thank you for being a great team mate along my transition as your wife, although not a Stepford's. I love you more each day.

Happy 5th Anniversary and 2nd Wedding Monthsary B!

6 chemistry(s):

abu ubaidah said...

happy anniversary baby! I love U...:) auww

Husna said...

happy anniversary..
I enjoy reading your blog..

Hunny Kitty said...

selamat ulang tahun yang ke 5!! moga kekal forever pai syurga..!

Anonymous said...

mudahan jd isteri yg solehah

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

amiin, insya allah

cikbedahlaser said...

smoga kekal hga akhir hayat...

seronok baca ur love life...
sharing is loving... lain kan rasa nye lepas kawin.. lebih menghargai... ;)

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