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Monday, September 12, 2011

Am An Avid for Veil and Flower

If you think I am done with my wedding posts, not quite. There's plenty, more but they have to give way to some events that took place in between, they are as significant too.
  yaya said...
hai dolls...i really like the way both of u wearing shawls. if ok for u Pn Aida, can u pls share with us how to wear that style? please...please...nak pakai time raya nanti..=)
Thursday, August 04, 2011 12:15:00 PM

Cinderella said...
love the way u where your scarf!! It the typical way how we would wear it everyday.. but the beads, veil and flowers made it all look soooo lovely. =))
Wednesday, July 27, 2011 5:35:00 PM

Ms. Fiena said...
hye aida.. i am sooo speechless. how beautiful u are. aida i would like to ask, if u can consider rent me ur pink inner and shawl that u wear during reception. i want to use it with my solemnization dress.
please do response me whether u want to rent it or not. btw. congrats aida the pink gorgeous!!

Liyana Lee:
 hello dear. hru? nak nanyak, gney ktk makey selendang ktk bah? dlm byk2 'loose' style as i like to call it, urs look the most presentable. sik nampak serabut bah. plz, do share ur tips. tq!
       lily said... 
kak aida,
sgt cntik.! love ur pink theme,the backdrop.
and ur shawl style dgn bunga kat tepi.
so sweet :)
reena said...
Cantik sangat semua dress u! Bunga kat telinga tu unik. Jarang kot pengantin Melayu buat.
Anonymous said...
soooooo stunning dear aida!sgt3 suke ut theme,dress,hijab style,hb and all indeed!congratulation dear.
ibu,mommy,mom... said...
Hi , I suk a tgk you pakai tudung mcm tu, nak Tanya,tak susah ke?
Amongst all the feedback I got for my wedding posts, most of them inquire about my reception venue and my veil/headgear. Not few queried about the flowers I wore on my head. Let me entertain the latter at the moment. The flowers on my head; personally for me was one of the most accurate decision I have ever made, although it was a kamikaze. I had no pre-trial or what so ever rehearsal; the day of my reception was the1st time I donned it. I was glad beyond words that I did not give in to crown/tiara.

A friend of my elder sis who's getting married soon came over to our place to learn how I wear my veil. This is another story; this particular loose style shawl, I have it modified because the original one is kinda  a bother to my movement, What I did was, I fasten one (either) side with a brooch so it becomes more comfortable and steadier. I hold on to this: The less maintenance the style needs, the more I like it. I HOPE THIS ANSWERS THOSE QUESTIONS IN MY COMMENT BOX AND FB MSGS :) Back to my sis' friend, she fell in love with the style and she opted for flowers too, instead of tiara for her wedding.

I am glad I have inspired some of you :)

The perfect position for the flower is slightly above your cheekbone close to your temple
The downer is; you'll be needing lots of assistance. Teeheee

It's meant to be beneath the veil
 The amount of flowers plays important role, you don't want to look like a walking vase

Size of the flowers affects too. You want your face still can be seen. hehe

Veil without awning will produce better result, plus it will accentuate your flowers. I have plum cheek, therefore I loath awning #Fact

P/S: I am eager to see future brides wearing other flowers other than roses..

12 chemistry(s):

cik fara said...

tula..memang cantik pun pakai bunga. sukenye tengok aida pakai bunga. :D

erm.bunga lain? agak2 carnation sesuai tak? hehe

Hyun Ai said...

you look like a princess~ so sweet ^_^

Husna said...

sukeeeee sgt tgk aida ni..
cantik sangat...
pakai raya camni over tak hehehe..

gmbr yg llast sweet..

iada, buat tutorial pakai shwal and bunga sekali pleaseeeee..

♥ Dea ♥ said...

kckk jwk kdak ktk nikah lak.. hehe.. tp lmk gik la..:P

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

to all: Thanks a lot :)

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

cik fara: i think i ve seen org putih wear that, cantik sgt!

ElyaElmo said...

suke style aida ...:)

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

EE: ;)

lady D said...


Suka-suka said...

salam kak aida. i think youve inspired me big time! insyaAllah i thought of doing the same shawl style + the flower instead of crown for my engagement soon. however, saya ragu-ragu sikit sebab the shawl style nampak macam susah je? would you mind doing a tutorial on it? it would help me tremendously :)

another enquiry, is the flower a real flower? how do you get to pin it, pakai pin biasa ke macam mana? thanks so much for reading, sorry if im asking silly questions, wslm :)

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

hi suka-suka. yup they are real flowers, tak tau pulak kalau [akai artificial, cantik jgk kot. i hv nothing against them, u cubala :)

Anonymous said...

hi aida.luckily i found ur blog!inspired me to wear flower during my big day eventho bertudung :D anyway,need ur advice how u make it stick to the tudung?plis help me.thanks! -syda-

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