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Life has taught me a lot about never to put hope on anything but ALLAH. Because when it turns out otherwise, the pain is unbearable. What crashed my past can never crash my present. Please do not use my photos without my permission. AidaThePinkGoddess™ © 2010 all rights reserved

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Monday, February 14, 2011

AidaThePinkGoddess She Is; Lagu Tema : Marry You by Bruno Mars

Caution: Always Maybe too vain for your eyes.

Miss Hormon strikes again. This time no mercy.Such a nemesis! A pimple on the head and a ridiculous feminine exhibit. Ok, when this hormonal thing takes charge, I become more feminine that u could ever imagine, over sensitive, dolling up, oily complexion etc. But it's common like this when it comes to pink. I tend to be bipolar with dressing. I would change my mind at the very last minute. Schizo enough? Not enough when I said this afternoon I change thrice!! Pfft! I bet Ika is smiling reading this, she knows me oh so well! Ingat tak ka, beli baju terus pakai di kedai? Or balik kejap just nak tukar baju. Split personality she calls it. Ha ha ha ha..
 This is my 1st outfit. I suddenly feel that this veil style is difficult to maintain, may distract my day.

 I changed to this veil. I feel a little bit OTT. haha, suddenly I feel the whole pic is a little bit OTT for a casual hangout.

Top: Nichii
Inner: Nichii

Finally I changed to this, viscose shawl and a normal top, no lace2. he And I am ready to go. 

Top: Nichii
Inner: Nichii

Yup, I am nuts like that.

P/S: It's funny and mean when Ika said people need to be color rehabilitated after viewing my blog because its too pink. Like smelling coffee beans after you have smelled several perfumes to restore your sense. And I imagine if it exists, it looks like the flash thingy they use in Men In Black! LOL!

Like this!! haha

Last but not least

Am officially mad over this song dy!!
The cutest song I have ever heard!

11 chemistry(s):

Anonymous said...

masha allah, pinknyaa!! :)

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

loving pink whole my life, pink makes me happy yippy!

mizzNeeja said...

sis too ..i love pink very much..sampai satu tahap tu my mum naik fed up sebab setiap kali beli baju mesti pink..ngee~~...btw u look sweet n charming with pink :)

abu ubaidah said...

cantiknya my future wife ni ;)

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

MN: hahaha, can totally relate!
b: awwww..tq b. that song is just for u :)

PiNky@hEarT said...

abu ubaidah,she is absolutely breathtaking! what a flawless skin u have,aida! u should post some reviews about ur skincare products.. i am more than glad to read on those things.. ^_^

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

pinkyheart: aww, too much, sy biasa2 jer. skincare product saya amatlahi basic dan murah, garnier jer.. huhu

-ilyannur- said...

baju pink lace itu cantik =) dan u makin hari makin cantik!

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

another aww,, u too dear :)

ika said...

hahahahahaha...ko tukar fikiran bkn pasal baju jak..ingt nda p giant, amik sabun, last min tukar fikiran, letak sabun tu d tmpat coklat!!! amik coklat, nda jd last min, letak coklt tu atas roti!!!smpi every time u tk smthing, i have to make sure ko beli, klu nda, merata lah bnda tu ko letak!!!..hahahhaha...

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

hhahha pecah rahsiah sy! very indecisive lass!

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