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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

*updated! She who... :Lagu Tema:Lean On Me by Glee

She who never complains whenever my SMS is such a nuisance late at night (still she attends)
She who knows exactly where I misplace my stuff
She who knows how to handle me during PMS
She who can miraculously bear with my tantrums
She who is never ever calculative
She who abides even when I ask her to snap my 563856th pics
She even knows my kind of Pink! (Ada jenis pink yang AidaThePinkGoddess suka hehe)
She who puts others before herself
She who keeps on smiling even when her heart does not
She who is sweeter than sugar
She who is with me through thick and thin, happiness and sorrow
She who knows me better than I know myself
She who turns 27 today
I pray all your wishes come true, and you fall into deserveful hands
Knowing you is the 8th wonder of the world

Happy Birthday Rostika Petrus Boroh!!

We've been through a lot together! Tapi, sikit pun kau nda kena tempias pink.haha

I bet this is a special birthday for her sebab Ika telah mendapat hadiah special dari si dia yang "hitam2 humble"

[click]Lean On Me by Glee 

11 chemistry(s):

BibiEr Karim said...

U're such a sweetheart friend Aida. I can relate the fship u & Ika have; bcoz I feel exactly the same way with my kakak besar.

Happy Bday Ika.

And ayat last ndak kena tempias pink mmg funny. ;)

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ya, the fact that she doesn't show a lil bit of interest kat kaler pink, amazes me. he maybe muak tgk me yg pink sgt.he

ika said...

Thanx syg!!! u did it again...hahaha..every year!!! thanx so much to u too...miss u a lot!!! how i wish ko ada cni, wif me TODAY!!!

Bib: thanx :)..

Ernie Khairina said...

Happy bday Ika!

lol lucu nya 'sikit pun tidak kena tempias pink'

ya my gfs pun, tapi best juga bcoz they will reserve apa2 saja benda yg pink for us kan aida

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ika: anything for u.he
ernie: yaaaa, dia tak pandang pun pink lgsg, and dia tau jenis pink that i like.hehehe hanya pink tertentu je aida suka.hehe

nurulfaridah said...

happy birthday 2 her :)

syitah said...

happy birthday ika!
it's great having a friend like aida kan? :)
ms aida,
kat sana dah tau status sushi king ke? i was shocked when i found out ;(

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

yup syitah am aware of that, very frustrating.

ika said...

hahahahha..i tot for d "tall, dark n hensem"..hahahhaha..

Anonymous said...

you look like farahdhiya a lot

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ika: uiiii, melampau
ano: is it?never knew that..but she has nice skin.

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