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Thursday, November 25, 2010

A visit to SSPCA; Lagu Tema: Super Something by Yuna

So we went to the SSPCA this morning. We were greeted by Madam Dona as told. Our group arrived at 11 am, consisting of 20 students. I was so excited to see the cats and puppies.

Honestly, I was expecting (jujur ni jujur) something dirty, smelly, congested and stuffy, and I was wrong right there!! The place is super clean, no odor at all, with excellent ventilation. All the animals have happy faces and most of them are so well-fed that they are fatter than my cat. 

Salute to the workers/ volunteers for keeping the place sooo well taken care of. 

Now the piccas:


 These unfortunate ladies have been made pregnant by unknown males, that explains why they are all here 

 Before you can go in, u must dip your shoes in this disinfectant to avoid transmitting disease to the animals, not the other way round ok,!!! they really take care of the animals!

 Look at the one above me, he tried to greet me for ignoring him!! So cutee!! aiyak, die!

 This is the garden. The dogs will be released from the cage to play/de-stress in this garden. Each group will rotate turn to play for 5 hours. Best kan.

 Madam Dona! Love her!

This is the cremation center. Cats and dogs which die naturally or put to sleep will be burnt here.


One cremation process takes approx. 8 hours to fully turn the carcass into ashes!! So, it involves lots of gas which is costly. (RM350 for one time burning) Hence, mass cremation. 30 cats/10 dogs per burning. The carcass will be frozen here until the quota is full.

 Briefing session by Mdm Dona

 This student of mine adopted one kitty :)


This occupant here is one of few that is not caged (due to being difficult) haha naughty gal!!

Memang sah difficult! hahaa
My babies. I hope they enjoy! :)

My penchant for animals is out of question, I really love animals, that justifies why I chose this place for our field trip. When I mean love, it doesn't stop at caress and kissing, love means to still take care of them in what ever forms, including cleaning up the poo poo! And I strongly think loving/ taking care of pets is the best hands on training for your real babies next time. :)
If any of you interested to extend any contributions, please surf this and do your part. :)
[click]Super Something by Yuna

5 chemistry(s):

Biena said...

You look more student than your students, heheh. And I mean that in a good way. *wink*

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ya i think i don dress like lecturer! :(

BibiEr Karim said...

Erk Aida! I will definitely fainted few times if I were there with u. Sangat geram tgk all the cats. Meowwww!

PiNky@hEarT said...

but u are so sweet dressing macam tu! ^_^

nurulfaridah said...

wish can go there too

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