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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chickening Lagu Tema: Jenny by Click 5

Pardon me for my long hiatus, cos I have a good reason that you wouldn't expect: I got chicken pox! Yes 
-___- u read it right. Anyways, last Thursday, a student approached me (I mean literally) to ask for release because she just recovered from her chicken pox. Then I jokingly ($#$#^%$^) told her, "Jauh2, nanti Miss kena" Pergh mulut masin. On Saturday, I noticed some blisters on my body. And they were extraordinary itchy. And images of that particular student started occupying my mind. Dayuuuum! The next day, I had diarrhea and the blisters had unbelievably doubled! I went to see the doctor and he put me under 48 hours observation, if fever occur, then I am +ve chicken pox. And I hate it when none of my family members can't verify whether I ever had chicken pox. Suddenly Mak is not sure, (all this while she pulled a confident face when I asked about my chicken pox experience) Hmmm.. I was granted X sick leave and do practically nothing at home. Miss office :( I put no pressure on my self about the post-scar cos this thing is out of my control and I let it flows on its own course then. So far I have NONE on my face, only blister at my lips cleavage. Most of them at my trunk and shoulder blade.

P/S: No No to eggs and soy sauce and fan, Yes, kipas angin..
P/S/S: To my readers, please pray for my speedy recovery. Currently I have too much to handle. Seriously.

On the way to clinic!

8 chemistry(s):

BibiEr Karim said...

Oh my, harap cepat sembuh. And tadi masa tgh mandi...tertanya gak asal Aida lama ndak update. Hahaha nosy me.

lily said...

get well soon kak aida!
lucky,xda kat muka.

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

thanks both of u lily and Er

nurulfaridah said...

get well soon dear
p/s ur shawl is so nice :)

lisaComel said...

tedah nya lok...sbar la darling owh...berpantang mcm ibu mgandung alu ktk...huhuhu....

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

nurul and nurul: thanks! hehe gago lisa ya!

Lee said...

oh dear..m so sorry to hear that:( gosh, ur the THIRD (adult) person i know who seems to be down with chicken pox, this month alone. ntah2 the varicella virus dah mutated.


Anonymous said...

dear. can i know how ur wearing that shawl? nice laa. :)

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