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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sony Ericsson W205 to let go; Lagu Tema: Life After You by Chris Daughtry

I decide to let go Arania (my pink Sony Ericsson W205) for its own good. It never crossed my mind to have a second number, so for me, it deserves a better life with new owner, because keeping it idle for a long tme will only cause damage to the battery and the whole system. I made Mom use it as for today, akan tetapi, tak sampai pun 1 hour, I saw Arania was back in the box again. So I get the message, just like what I have expected, Arania is too 'complicated' for her.

Since Arania is very2 new, approximately only 1 month old, I think letting it go at RM160 (ori price RM205) is very2 reasonable. So any takers, please email me at 

  • Still very2 new
  • Buyer will get a complete original set (charger, 2G memory card and earphones)
  • Free postage fee
  • 1st come 1st serve basis
Sony Ericsson W205

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