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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Patience Pays; Lagu Tema: Wishin' and Hopin' OST My Best Friend's Wedding

I finally stored the choice.

Maaf, visual kurang memuaskan, but trust me, mmg cun giler off screen!
For those who know me can tell how ridiculously impatient I could be if I want something so badly.  I simply want it NOW. And I cannot tolerate any delays. Even a sec is too much for me. And worse, if that something is pink. After weighing the pros and the contras, I made up my mind to go for the Nokia C3, thanks for all the comments guys, I really appreciate it.

I decided to purchase the phone today. Actually it bugged me since yesterday. And I deserved credit for successfully refraining myself from hunting down for the phone during the limited literally-an-hour-of-lunch-hour. After work, Mom fetched me and I asked her to straight away drop by my usual handphone shop (which I have surveyed before). Then, I came direct to the point, 

Aida: "C3 Pink?"
Amoi: "Oh, Pink belum produce oh, cuma ade warne ini mcm, kilang masih belum kasi keluar pink karer, dan kalau pink aa mau order dan ada mahal dalam 20 ringgit" 

Punyalah alasan Pak Kadok amoiiii lengluii!Punya berlambaaaaak I saw at other places!Might as well you tell me ur puppy eat the pink version!

Then I went off to The Spring, pegi Celcom Cube because this was actually the 1st place I set eyes on this pink C3.

Aida: "C3 pink, body only how much?"
Salesgirl: "520 but we don't sell only the body for now"
Salesgirl: Because we want to push our package plan sales. 
Aida: Ok, I'll go for the package, I already have Celcom number (at this moment I knew I really want this C3 so bad)
Salesgirl: "Oh, you must get new number, if you want to convert your prepaid, then you'll have to wait for next Monday"
Aida: "Bye"

Next Monday at this time is equivalent to gazillion of light years for me. No. No. No!Then, off I went to the NOKIA center at level 1. 

Aida: "C3 pink, how much?"
Aida: "Ok, I want"
Salesman:"For the time being, we don't have the stock, you can wait fo...."
Aida: "Bye"

Oh my.. I don't care, am so gonna get the bloody cell by today! So, I went to the hub of gadgets, none other than our pride, Wisma Saberkas. A car came out from the very 1st parking from the entrance. GOOD SIGN! :)

Parked my car, go to the 1st hp shop, 

Aida:"C3 Pink?"
Salesgirl: "Pink tak ade stoc...."

Next shop, there she is! beautifully sitting in the showcase. So story short, I got the C3 for only RM490 for original body, with complimentary 2G memory card and a hard pink casing. :) It really made my day..No more agitating state.

P/S: I know for iPhoners and BBers will laugh my entry off  but as much as it makes you laugh, it makes me too but for totally opposite reason :) I surely don't have high taste for gadget selection, but surely do for other picks! :D

P/S/S:Since it is still October, I regard this as a birthday gift for myself, happy birthday to me! :D


40 chemistry(s):

SweetyMui2 said...

kacak aiee!!! my friend bought the dark blue in adorable too!huhuhu..mok tuka henpon lah mun camtok..

Jihan said...

cantiknyaaaaa pink karer ni:)! ala,baru jak jihan beli nset last month..kena tggu lama lagi la br bleh nset br..huhu.

Nadhirah said...


akak baru je suruh abg naza beli pink c3 next month!! noooooooooo!!! apa boleh buatla. mula2 sama ngan fairuz. skrg sama ngan aida.

cantik gila kan warna dia.

iza.rahman said...

when i saw advert dekat tv pasal C3 ni and nampak pink, dlm hati terus kate 'one fine day, Aida will see this phone and straight away grab it, no mercy!' ehehehehhe

Ernie Khairina said...

tahniah for the purchase hehe..I have came across one seller yang tanya I, 'why pink?'
Seriously. are u really asking me that qs.

Anonymous said...

err high taste for other picks?like what?your choice of cheap looking tudung and cheap bajus? omgeeeeeeeeee

nak meluat tgk muka engkau penoh satu page ni tau dak. high taste la sgt kan??muahaha

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

SM&Jihan: :)

lily said...

pink color tu mmg cntik sngguh!!!
and the pink color sgt susah nk jumpakan.
bertambah lagi warna pink dalam ur koleksi which is ur hp.

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

akak: murah ni akak, akak mesti beli yang lagi yg ni cantikkkkkannnnn!!?!!

iza: TRUE!! :))

Ernie: Ya! kalau org dah tanya pink tu, mmg #$@%# la kalau suggest kaler lain!

Ano: So? I am so happy to be affected by u.I have new hphone ok!! pink some more!u want me to put ur face ah? hahaha :)

lily: yeer :)))) really made my day

Shiba Hisham said...

by 520, do u mean rm520? mcm unbelievable hehe... ada wifi install x?

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

yup! RM520! i only got it at RM490! complimentary 2G MCard and a hard pink casing! happy! :)

ztie said...

i dont care its pink or what. as long as it qwerty than its fine for me. hehehe

good choice dear.. macamne ? oke ka?

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

i love something cheap tp nampak mahal~ berbaloi oooo.

nice choice here~ and i'm not keen to technology.. iphone BB segala. maybe sebab dah kerja menda2 technology tok jd mcm muak ngan benda2 gya.

my E72, i hate it! sy lebih suka my sony ericson K530i yg cheap simple ya.. simple phone lagik senang!

another, NICE one to that ano. haha. lucu urg ya oi. mun sik mok nangga muka awak, y visit ur blog then? haish

BibiEr Karim said...

Wah dah beli! Best dpt bg gift utk diri sndr. Liur meleleh2 tgk fon tu. Murah doesn't mean xde taste...kesungguhan nk dpt tu yg lg penting.

Anonymous said...

and your reply makes me even more certain of how kampung and childish you are.mwahahaha. kau nk bergaya sgt dh mcm pokok christmas tau dak?

Anonymous said...

haha! it's nice!

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

eppa: Me too! Cheap tp berbaloi makes it reasonable.hehe, mena2, i dun get amazed by tech. mun iphone /bb ya dpt ngeluar org pun sy still miker, bukan sik ingin, tp sy sikkan fully utilized, dats y la sy sik meli.hehe

nang paloi ano ya, ada indah masih zaman beranok baju murah, paloi.hahaha..aok eh, dah blog sy sikkan ngkah muka nya, nang paloi, and suka juak dtg ctok ng paloi.haha

er::)) happy!

ztie: betul2!!dah pakai 12 jam, sgt best! tak menyesal lgsg.hehe

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ano1: so?haha!try again!visit kali kedua nampak? best kan blog sy? so pink just like my new hp! hahaha

ano2: ahaha, ya!

BibiEr Karim said...

Aida ada shield baik punya for -ve vibe. Yg penting fon kaler pink; the rest letak dlm bakul sampah. Lalala~~

Aida The Pink Goddess said...


weween said...

hey aida. im zureen. i do read about ur story in
u managed to loose 25 kg..can u give me more tips.and i wish i can know what type of food do you take everyday in order to loose 20 now.i nak turun berat badan i. macam2 da i buat, but it seems not work out. can u help me please.thank you dear.

Jihan said...

MYOB la Ano-1...sibuk je memanjang! hahaha:)

abu ubaidah said...

ano1:mmg aku respect la gaya ko,mmg muka tk tau malu dtg blog org n kutuk2,haha mybe muka ko buruk sgt kot...rasa nk jumpa ko la,boleh bual2 ttg masalah neurosis ko!..

baby:sory tumpang tempat jap hhehe,i love u

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

naaa ano, bukankah ko telah membuatkan diri ko nampak loser dan pathetic d sini. pakai nama betul la kalau ko best sgt, wlauppun aku kampung and pokok krismas tp aku happy, and tak bodoh p blog org pastu kutuk2. apa kata kau beli hp mcm aku? hehe best.

b:i love u syg and thank u!

jihan: :D

Joo said...

Apa2 pun ano itu tlah membantu aida menaikkan traffic nuffnang,pasni leh beli hp lg kan aida??hehehe

Khairieah said...

kak aida, ada wifi juga ka ni? =))
boleh di-consider la kalau ini maciam!! heee

Khairieah said...

kak aida, ada wifi juga ka ni? =))
boleh di-consider la kalau ini maciam!! heee

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ada! hp ni mmg tiptop!

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

JOo: Komen anda mmg terbaik! hahaha

PiNky@hEarT said...

happy birthday gorgeous girl!

oh, i rasa nak beli pinky nokia c3 ni jugak la for my own birthday present! yay!!! hp skrang ni pun pink jugak sony ericsson Z601i. yeah, we dun care about gadget, tapi asalkan ianya pink dan cute dan cantik dan gorgeous, rembat aje.. canggih sangat pun i tak reti guna.. hikhik..

btw, i tag u dalam contest, hope u dun mind..

have fun dengan ur super cute new hp ya!! ^_^

pinkyheart02 said...

happy birthday gorgeous girl!

oh, i rasa nak beli pinky nokia c3 ni jugak la for my own birthday present! yay!!! hp skrang ni pun pink jugak sony ericsson Z601i. yeah, we dun care about gadget, tapi asalkan ianya pink dan cute dan cantik dan gorgeous, rembat aje.. canggih sangat pun i tak reti guna.. hikhik..

btw, i tag u dalam contest, hope u dun mind..

have fun dengan ur super cute new hp ya!! ^_^

Phoebe said...

Hi Aida,
Yay! I'm glad you got the phone you wanted. Your post made me smile because I went throught the same thing when I hunted around for my current phone for my 21st birthday (the same model as the one you lost).I'm impatient too when it comes to things like this.

This post is a testament that everything happens for a reason. You got the sweetest deal out of all because of your perseverance.
Happy 25th birthday Aida.. :)

P/S: You know you're popular when some people start posting hate entries anonymously. Haha.. ;)

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

Phoebe:thanks a lot, really play hard 2 get tis phone, but really worth it :)

pinkyheart: beli2 jgn x beli,mmg best thp best! Hehehe

f.i.e.z.a said...

org kacak nang salu djeles org nak oooo.
kmk gik geram hhaha

nang kacak c3 ya,sayang mek baruk meli hp juak :)

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

aieee kak fieza, ktk sik ptt sebab ktk a BBer! hehehe

dills said...

aih aida.. pttnya ktk g beli kat e-mart.. zitron set, pink, 2gb memory, free hard case dgn car holder baruk 450.. jimat 40 ringgit..

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

awwwwwww too bad!!

Ogy said...

salam ziarah....mama suka blog pink2 ni...nice blog....tuannyaa pun manissss....
and absolutely falling in love with nokia c3....akan cuba utk mendapatkannyaa by end of this year.. :)

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

thanks & welcome Ogy, sila2 beli, sangat berbaloi :)

Anonymous said...

C3 saya kaler purple~
dan ada jugak kaler ijau xjumpa d kk ni.sedih~ :(

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