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Monday, July 19, 2010

Inception Lagu Tema: Secrets by One Republic

Everyone SHOULD watch Inception, seriously! The best movie of the decade. But, bear in mind, it is not a leisure movie, a complicated (very!) storyline that you have to really do your homework prior watching. A movie that surely put your deduction skill on test.

A funny thing happened to me before Inception, I decided to watch the movie alone after Mak malas nak ikut. Everyone knows how congested The Spring is when it's weekend but I managed to get the 1st parking at my 1st turning, and the counter is miraculously customer-free!! I was thinking to myself, the force must be with me! BUT, by the time I had chosen my seat and was about to pay, then I realized that I forgot my purse and cellphone!! O EM JI! How on earth would I exit The Spring for god's sake? I have to have at least RM2 to pay the parking fee. The worst case scenario would be begging borrowing money from some strangers! my. I thought of checking out my car just in case I dropped my purse there. I pray hard that I would bump into someone I know! And.....When I opened the dashboard, 2 pieces of RM1 notes had never been that appealing! Anyone (Biena or my bro in law) who left the money there is such a genius. WE NEVER LEFT ANY MONEY in the car, so it must be them. Story short, I went home to pick my purse and mom. End up watching Inception with Mom ;-) The force was indeed with me! ;-)

Moral of the story: Fill up your car with loose cash in the safe compartment just in case things like this happen!

P/S: I wonder if I parked at the RM3 parking, then that would be another different story altogether!
P/S: My brain was forced to solve prob even before watching the mind twisting Inception! ngeh2..

oh ya, jangan lupa tengok Inception k! worth your money, time and energy!

I think I am blue-prone lately. Hormone? must be the guy-hormone.

3 chemistry(s):

reena said...

Definitely one of the best mind-blowing movie ever!

SweetyMui2 said...

byk org mdh kacak cita ya eh..mok nga juak..huu

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

reena: YUP!
SM: haruss nangga

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