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Friday, April 9, 2010

Planet Sambal

After the scoop by Purple Lady, me and Mom decided to try this place ourselves. Thanks to her, finally, sampai seru nak masuk, walaupun dah lama dah Planet Sambal ni terpacak kat situ. If I were to give my verdict, I think most of it will go to the settings! hehe, cuz everything is pink, from the chair, to the menu to the uniform.. I like~ But Careful of wearing pink, the last thing you want is to be mistaken for a waiterAnd they have lots and loads of mirror too..

Food wise, Planet Sambal as it's named, they have all the condiments under the sun. You name it, they have it, sambal sotong, udang, ikan bilis, tempe, daging. ect.. The downer would be the drinks, cuz they are quite pricey.

Mak had this, kue tiaw kerang, sedap, highly recommended. 

I shared with Mak.

My school bus! he

10 chemistry(s):

nurul khairunie said...

we have exactly the same school bus brooch! eheh

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

is it? hehe comel kan, rasa nak beli semua.hehe

bob marley said...

can i ride the bus? hehe

baby,cnfrm halal ke kedai ni ,nnt jd mcm aduan rakyat

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

eee, nak ride2.haha

the owner is a muslim, kawan mak..

♥suterakasih♥ said...

wendu nk pegi planet sambal ehh..
wendu nk jumpa her baby..sgt comel & baby plg manjak kt taska ^^

fabulous.farah said...

kuetiaw memang nampak sedap. cantik interior

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

sutera: :)
ffarah: mai sini meh.

afiq said...

mmm.. sorry. this place already is blacklisted by my frens and me. a fren of mine once had fried mee here and she found a worm in it. don't judge a book by its cover. the place might look pretty, but its hygiene is terrible.

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

oh mai, is it??

afiq said...

yup. i think i have published the photos in facebook sometime ago. some might have missed it i guess.

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