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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Behold! another movie review from me.haha

A friend needed my favor to send him off to the airport today but called off at the last minute. It was too late for me to go home and too early to fetch mommy, so I decided to go for a movie date with myself . Woh pathetic nya. I have been in  the mood to date lately (I think it's the hormone) but only to realize that I am in a long distant relationship with everyone! (T_T)

I went to MBO and found out that today is the When in Rome premiere! Dengan excited nya I went to the counter to purchase the ticket but I got this respond. 

"I'm sorry miss, this is the premiere theater, tak boleh seorang, sekurang2nya dua orang, sebab ni semua couple seats" 


Luckily I was not that desperate that I grabbed any random stranger just to share the seat with me.  (berazam nak tgk dgn mak this weekend).

So I ended up watching Date Night. My, the movie was hilarious, it's been a while since I last had a laugh out loud moment and such an endorphins rush. It was a teary one, seriously, Tina Fey is a genius! Even tgh taip ni pun still nak ketawa. It's about a couple who struggle to reignite their marriage. So, one night, the husband took his wife on date at one exclusive restaurant. But they nabbed other people's reservation and that was when all the trouble began. Must watch peeps!!100% lawak.


Another different story, my bestie, Purple Lady just had an amazing bachelorette holiday in KK and yes, you got it correct, my other best friend Rostika became the host. They had marvellous time, I'm so jealous that I harassed them every minute for update. hahaha

I said I feel like crying seeing this pic. Purple Lady said don't be, just super impose my pic inside. Haha

Hows that Eppa? hahaha.. Still I feel very bad for not joining them (T_T)

7 chemistry(s):

Ernie Khairina said...

even typing this pun i ketawa..your last two pics kelakar ok! kenapa tak join them?

Caught in jealousy juga bila tengok my girlfriends update2..dah kawen tak sesuai keluar sampai malam2 buta! T_T

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

mmg nak join but i have dentist appointment pulak. the braces really takes its toll on me..grrr.. mmg super jeles ok! kawan i dua2 ada, i xde how can!

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

hahahhaha.. oi, ngutik!!!! hahhahahahahhahaahhaa... lucu gilak!

Anonymous said...

0i...seriesly ngutikkk...b0h main camya k0mpius indah jak first2 tekk

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

hahahhaha... pic 1st ya best, nyengok dr siney nakkah.hehe

pic ke2 berpangkuk ngan eppa.hhaha

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

hahhaa.. lagik juak sy leput nangga. nang ngutik. aok eh.. dr siney ndak ka awak nyengok ya oo.. tkt2

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

nyalah nya, sy dikpun pun nangga ngutik, dah jak tone color sik sama. bad2 photoshop.haha

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