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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My extraordinary KK trip!

I consider my trip to KK this time around is a really special one, I decided to document all the activities in my beloved blog! First, I could celebrate my Ramadhan here. Reminiscing the moment me and Ika had while struggling as postgrad students. We really had hard time kan Ika? But no doubt, it was my best ramadhan ever! 2nd, I came to surprise my cinta hati. Yes, he did not have a clue at all that I'm coming. The surprise worked on him. Upon reaching KKIA, dad fetched me up and I straight away went to B's house to send bubur pedas and of course, to surprise him. Co-incidentally, he called me while I was on the way saying that he wanted to go out. I had to refer to my SIL of his current location. To cut story short, I came to his house and i was satisfied to catch the astonishment in his face seeing me after I lied on the phone saying I have reached my 'kampung'..perasaaan yang sangat BEST.he

Oh ya, one more thing, i was in the same flight with convicts! seeing their hands cuffed escorted by police chilled me. I began wondering, what if they have weapons, what if they hijack the plane?what if they are capable to kill us, what if they are suicide bombers?? what if,what if? tawakkal je time tu..

1st day, I went to Pasar Ramadhan DBKK, not so very much food but I managed to find putu piring! Yummy..then, later in the evening I break fast with b's family.. All showed up including the newly weds. Envy to see them so happy, how newlyweds should be! I loike. Slept over at b's house, early, I'm damn exhausted after the long day.

Bazaar Ramadhan DBKK day 1

Jam while sending babah to work

2nd day, fetch babah to work, the traffic jam was really terrible that I took 2 hours to reach Babah's place! He ended up at the hospital at 840am! OMG!! I felt so horrible that it caused my mood to swing for the rest of the day, hence impulsive purchases! =) Then picked Ika at home and accompany her to attend a job interview at the KK square. After that I sent car to babah and he dropped us at CP, we spent the whole day at CP until its timeto break the fast. Yuktha fetched us and we dined at Old Town city mall.Yummy! Oh ya, did I tell you, we both had our eyelashes permed? =)

best buddies, yukhta and ika

flashing our new twin make up bags!

3rd day, B planned to bring me along to Kebuyau for some charity work but he cancelled it at the last minute because Kakak couldn't make it, not so keen to bring me along cuz no teman. So, me and Ika went to dine at Old town again and later brought Ika to the clinic cuz she already had this prolonged flu since 2 weeks ago, afraid of H1N1,we decided to see the expert. Alhamdulillah she is fine like a horse.


Accompanying Ika to the clinic

Mahasiswa & masa depan negara!

4th day, went out with Ika and Yukhta and later in the evening spent time with b for bukak puasa at senario cafe. After that, went to pick Ika's altered pants. Short story for this, but so many pics! =)

Pandangan dalam rumah Yukhta & Ika

Pandangan luar

Camwhore sikit

Getting SCR for Babah


This is where I merempat in KK

Cuba teka, candid ke idak?

While waiting for Hubby to fin praying


Senario cafe, the butter mushroom cream chicken is havenly delicious!

Girls, never had enough of shoes!

5th day, sent Ika to Sabah state archive, cuz she had to finish up a project, accompanied her at first, but became very boring after less than one hour. Met b at his house, asked b's favor to sew Ika's trousers. Then both of us ran errands: car servicing, car wash. After that, went out with the bunch after a very good dinner at TLC treated by Ika...

Arkib Negeri Sabah's pass

It's 7 in the morning. mind you.. Ika mmg ada smgt waja

camwhoring while waiting for naza to finish his bath

Naza tgh dimandikan

Thirst quencher indeed!

One avocado and 2 carrot juice please..

Free fruit platter during ramadhan

paru2 aka lungs. yummy!

The most delicious ayam panggang in the whole wide world!

these 2 aa I tell you, sings damn well! I hope they can sing during my wedding!

6th day, B fetched me and we picked up BIL gift at the bus terminal, then we went to Doulos Ship. Browsing around KK before we off to the airport and buka puasa at McD. Bid hubby goodbye then...

Waiting for b

We actually wanted the ship to become the BG, but I have short hand!

Not quite, try again!

There it is Doulos!

I think that's all for now, cuz tomorrow I have another flight to catch in the morning!

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